The Weekly Pazar in Turkey

The Weekly Pazar in Turkey or weekly Market is the best place to shop.  Every Thursday in our area in Adapazari is Market day or Pazar.   I love the local Pazars that happen weekly throughout Turkey and have been lucky to visit a few in different areas of Turkey each market has it similarities but also their own uniqueness.

The Weekly Pazar in Turkey

If you are living in Turkey the weekly Pazar is certainly the place to shop and you will also save a few pennies by shopping there.  Most Pazar’s have everything on offer that you need for your home and your weekly groceries in fact you could if you choose to stop shopping in the Supermarkets.

You will find fresh vegetables and fruit, cheese, olives, meat, fish, dried foods like pasta’s, beans and grains, flour and off course Yufka, (Turkish Filo).  You will also find clothing and shoes, household goods like pots and pans and cleaning items, you may find plants and seeds, toys, tools and DIY items and much more.

Tips for going to Market

Two tips when in the market are that all the food product should have a price label clearly showing the cost per kilo.  Always be careful when the stall holder is picking the fruit or vegetable for you they sometimes display the nice looking fruit or vegetables at the front of the stall and the not so good produce at the back always have a little look behind to check the quality.

If you do have problems in the market you can speak to the local Zabita, the special police who deal with the market and local shops, they should help solve any dispute or check any stall holder you wish to make a complaint about.

What I Love about the Pazar

What I really Love about the Pazar’s is all the food is either grown locally or grown around Turkey and I have yet to come across anything that is produced outside of Turkey perhaps maybe the Toys and tools.

With the produce being local sourced and also seasonable it is great for lowering your carbon foot print and allowing you to eat a very healthy and balanced diet throughout the year.

Even if you do not live in Turkey it is a great experience to visit the local Pazar while on holiday the atmosphere in the markets is great fun and you may even find a few bits and pieces to take home.

What do you like about your local Pazar?  What are your Tips for shopping at the Pazar?

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