Syrian Crisis | How Ordinary People Are Helping

Recently Angelina Jolie visited Turkey to meet with the increasing number of Syrian refugees that are coming over the boarder into Turkey read news article. It is always a good thing when celebrities take an interest in such a crisis especially those that get a lot of media attention. But very little is ever said or known about those invisible people who help during crisis’s such as the Syrian conflict.

I have been moved to write this article to help one of those invisible people the unsung hero. I frequent one of the most popular forums about Turkey, the Turkish Living Forum and today I read a thread that up until now I had past over.

Donate to Can you help Syrian Refugees?

It was started by Millilove76, Can you help Syrian Refugees? She wrote how her father in law travelled from Diyarbak?r to the border where the Turkish Army and Turkish Red Crescent are working to help the incoming refugees. He also took blankets, clothes and food donated by people and his neighbours in Diyarbak?r. He stayed overnight and helps alongside the Army and Red Crescent to build and secure the refugee camp.

The main observation he made was that there seems to be a huge number of children that are refugees who are hungry and poorly clothed.

Can you imagine this being you?

How would you feel if suddenly your life which was secure and happy changed in a matter of days to fleeing for you life not able to take your precious belongings leaving behind family and friends to their own fate, arriving in a foreign country where you do not speak the language and only known that possibly you are safe. It’s a frightening thought and yet it could happen to any of us. But can you imagine if your child had to do this alone travel miles to another country alone and scared?

In the past year there have been many saddening crises throughout the world and I agree there is only so much each individual can do to help.

But if you can find it in your heart to help Millilove76 and all the other wonderful and kind hearted people who have volunteered clothes, blankets, children’s toys, children’s nappies and food or have donated money to help these donations get to the refugees in Syrian then please follow this link and add your voice and help for the people of Syria.

Donate to Can you help Syrian Refugees?

Read Millilove76 post and add your help Can you help Syrian Refugees?

You do not have to donate money, we all have clothes we don’t need, old toys, food and even your own time to help.

They are not a charity or celebrity but just a group of kind hearted people wanting to help fellow human beings in trouble. Many people looking to raise money and do some good for a worthy cause look for solutions online that they could use to help in some way. You could take a look at the GoFundMe and see more about how their crowdfunding platform is enabling people to do precisely that.

If you do not wish to donate to a non charity I have provide a link to the Turkish Red Crescent where you can also donate and help the people of Syria.

Donate to the Turkish Red Crescent

Help Millilove79 achieve her goal provide some help and comfort to the Syrian Refugees.

Read Millilove76 post and add your help Can you help Syrian Refugees?

Send a Money Donation for Millilove76 Help the Syrian Refugees

Donate to Can you help Syrian Refugees?


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