Power and Water cuts, just part of Living in Turkey

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Power and Water cuts in Turkey is just part of living in Turkey, and yet I am surprised I haven’t written about them in the past. Over the years it seems the cuts are becoming less and supplies are more reliable. But all it seems to take is a crash of thunder and lightening bolt and the power goes off!


I have never worked out why we have frequent power cuts or why the water sometimes mysteriously goes off, but I do wonder sometimes if the powers wish us to appreciate that we have power and water or just like to make our day that little bit harder. It isn’t like we can hire companies like Kalahari Electrical Services to help, either. They only operate in the US, after all.

It also seems if a thunder storm happens a long, they think to turn of the power just in case the lightning strikes. I’m sure that’s not the case but it certainly feels like it at times.

They also seem to have perfect timing with turning the water off, just as you soap up your hair in the shower or had a very sweaty work out and need to get to work or go out to meet someone. It never seems to fail.

More often than not its is for a brief time, the most perhaps an hour or so that these necessary utilities are cut for, but there are times, during a bad storm, the temperature goes up or they are digging up a pipe somewhere that you will find yourself without power and water for longer periods of time. It’s times like these that many people wish they could get in touch with a service similar to Aardvark Electric (https://aardvark-electric.com/areas-we-serve/marietta/) to fix their service, but of course, that isn’t the case and you have to find alternative ways to deal with the lack of water and power.

After a time of living in Turkey you find yourself adapting to these cuts, you work out little strategies to cope with these minor interruptions to daily life.

  1. Some tips to survive the unexpected cuts: Some areas have text alerts from the suppliers so if its a planned cut you will be forewarned, find out from your supplier if they have this service, also check the local news.
  2. Always keep a supply of water on hand. I know we all have drinking water,but keep a few 5 litre bottles full with tap water for washing out the toilet or doing the washing up when the water goes off.
  3. Own a bucket and jug, this comes in handy if the power goes off for a long period of time and you rely on an electric shower or like us it also comes in handy on cloudy days when the solar power heater doesn’t work! You can heat your water on the gas stove and get a quick wash. At this rate, we’ll be looking to change our solar battery supplier so we get someone half reliable!
  4. Always have a gas stove. That way you can always cook your meals and heat water (if you have any!)
  5. Always keep a lighter handy for your gas stove, most need electric to light the gas, so keep a couple of lighters in the drawer.
  6. Have a few torches at hand, keep one or two in various parts of the house. Also look at getting a few battery run LED lights, they don’t use battery power up as quick as a standard torch and produce a good amount of light. I also keep some candles just encase I feel romantic!
  7. Unplug your electric goods, often when the power goes off and on say during a storm you can get power surges and unless you have power surge protectors on all your sockets then your electric goods can get damage by a power surge.
  8. Learn to accept the cuts as part of life here in Turkey and know it will come back on.

In some ways I like the power cuts, not so much the water cuts. The power cuts can be fun it takes you away from all the gadgets and can be a fun time to spend with family. My little boy just now loves the power cuts at night and puts on a little magic show for us while we shine the torch on him or we watch the thunder storm that caused the cut. Its a great time to read a book or just sit quietly and take sometime out. But you can keep your water cuts, I hate not being able to flush the loo or wash my hands or take a shower. It’d be nice if I could hire someone from a site like apolloplumbing.net/services/water-heaters/. Unfortunately, it being caused by a storm, there’s nothing I can do.

Having these cuts does make me appreciate the fact we have water to hand and electric when we need it most of the time. It may be a resource that runs out one day and we will be wishing it was just a cut rather than there just isn’t any.

Power and water cuts are one of the little quirks I love about living in Turkey despite how annoying they can be at times. I hope some of my tips will help you survive your next cut.

What do you do during a power cut or water cut? What do you do to prepare for any cuts?

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