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If you are thinking of Moving to Turkey it can be a bit daunting, with lots of decisions to make, lots of goodbyes, and often some regrets. When I was Moving to Turkey it was to be with my husband and in a lot of ways I had little choice, if I wanted to be with him I had to move to Turkey.

I also didn’t have much choice in where we lived, which for many is also true, I had to go where my husband’s job is, and though it’s not the idyllic idea you form of living in Turkey, sun, sea, and sand, it’s not a bad place to be.

If you are of course moving to Turkey, either because your retiring or just want a change of pace and life, then you want to make sure that you make the right decisions and choices on where to live in Turkey and how you plan your move. It can be a lot to take on all at once, so you need a system in place for moving your ‘entire’ life. Depending on where you already live, you may need trucking companies in Atlanta, for example, to help pack and ship your items to make sure that they are safe in their journey, you can then plan out the rest of the route with related companies, but that is just one area to look at when moving.

The Galata Tower Surrounded by the colourful houses of Istanbul.

The Galata Tower Surrounded by the colourful houses of Istanbul.

Here are some Tips on Moving to Turkey

Research – If you have a choice where you can live, check out the area not just in the summer or winter but try it out at different times in the year, often the busy coastal town, turns into a ghost town in the winter time, the weather isn’t always sunny here and in some places we do get snow! So check it out all year round and see how you like it.

Buying Property – Ask around your area find a reputable Emlak (Estate Agent) you can get advice on the best ones via websites like and online groups. There has been some big scams in the past in Turkey and if you are putting your hard earned savings into a property here make sure its the right one, it has the correct paper work and your Emlak is trustworthy. Once you’ve bought a property, contact a Moving Company and get your belongings moved over to your new place.

Flights – Are you near a good airport, in some areas during the winter flights are reduced making it harder to get home during the winter, though companies are now recognising there is more demand for winter flights.

Learn Turkish – Really goes without saying, that learning Turkish will help a great deal with settling Turkey, for many of us that marry Turks and find ourselves living in Turkey we end up in areas miles from expats and speaking Turkish is our only way of communicating. Even if you are in an expat area understanding some Turkish and improving when you get here will make a huge difference to your everyday life here and means you do not have to rely on people to translate for you.

Make Friends – Especially Turkish friends, don’t lock yourself away in the expat world here in Turkey get involved in the local community after all you came to live in Turkey and not in little Britian right! And if you are living outside of the expat community making friends is kind of essential for your own sanity, having people you can chat to or go have coffee makes a huge difference to your everyday life here in Turkey.

Get connected to the Internet – Even if you are novice, learn to use Skype and even Facebook. Its a great way to stay connected with family and friends, it makes everyone seem closer and part of your life. There are loads of phone apps and internet programs now for keeping in touch easily so get yourself an internet connection and laptop. You are probably used to having an abundance of internet providers to choose from, with AT&T ( perhaps being the most popular. But there are four main providers in Turkey, so research them before you make any decisions.

For those of us living here with our partners and especially in the heart of Turkey, the internet can be your best friend at times, there are lots of online groups with expats just like you who are there to listen and help you feel your not alone. Often speaking to family its hard for them to understand your feelings and frustrations.

Paperwork – Find out what paper work you will need to live in Turkey. For most you will need a Residency Permit or you may consider Turkish Citizenship.

Working in Turkey – Is harder than you think, you need to get a work permit and these are not easy to get. Most end up teaching English or working in Tourism. Plan a head if you plan to work here check out what jobs are available and if possible have work in place before you come. If you do have Work Permit you do not need to get a separate Residency Permit any more, as it is granted with your Work Permit.

Health Insurance – It is important you find out information about getting health insurance in Turkey as health care is not free here, though is fairly affordable for basic things. If you are married to a Turk check and see if you are able to be on their health insurance either personal or via their work insurance. Children get free healthcare but you still need to pay for medicine.

Moving to Turkey is a great experience, the country has a wealth of culture and something for everyone, city living, country life and perfect coasts. What ever your dream of Turkey is you can make it work. By doing your research and preparing for your move to Turkey you will take away a lot of the risks of moving abroad. What ever your reason for Moving to Turkey I wish you all the best.

Do you live in Turkey whats your top tip for Moving to Turkey? Moving to Turkey got a question, post it in the comments below and I will try to answer it.

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3 Responses to “Moving To Turkey”

  1. 11th January 2014

    backtobodrum Reply

    My suggestion would be “rent don’t buy” for at least a couple of years. Try out different areas and don’t commit yourself too soon.

    • 13th January 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Good Advice Back to Bodrum, selling a property in Turkey isn’t as easy as it is to buy!

  2. 26th April 2014

    anne Reply

    Thank you for the advice – hubby and i are aussie turks planning to move to samsun. Im a little concerned about the move but as you mentioned we are both doing our research .

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