Jane Karaca | Turkish Life Interview

How long have you been living in Turkey?

Since October 2009

What area of Turkey do you live?

Approx. 30 miles from Marmaris, in a typical Turkish village

Why did you decide to live in Turkey?

Had simply had enough of the UK and my Turkish husband missed his family (even though he wouldn’t admit it!)

What did your family and friends think about you moving to Turkey?

Thought I was crazy but they understood the reasons why.

What were the biggest obstacles you had to overcome living in here in Turkey?

The language (still haven’t got to grips with it), bureaucracy and coming to terms with a different pace of life (now I can’t understand why I didn’t move here years ago!)

What are the good things about living in Turkey?

Where do I start – the weather, the cheap cost of living, time to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, the scenery, the history, fantastic Turkish neighbours and friends…………………………….

What do you miss the most from home?

Nothing, though I do sometimes crave for British fish & chips

Have you found it easy to integrate into the community?

Yes, but I’d been coming out here for years prior to my move because of my husband and his family

In your opinion is Turkey a cheap or expensive place to live?

Mostly cheap unless you have a car!

How do you find living with the difference in culture?

I don’t see it as a problem or obstacle at all

Have you managed to learn Turkish, do you find Turkish easy or hard to learn?

I have to admit I could have done a lot more to learn the language but my husband speaks to me in English all the time. It is a problem where his family are concerned as I’m not able to chat to my in-laws, though many would think this a good thing!!! I do try to learn new words all the time and can greet my friends and chat a little with them but I do find it a hard language to learn. It’s like learning Latin again at school with the verb at the end of the sentence!

Would you recommend others to come live here in Turkey?

Yes, but don’t expect a life like you had in the UK. This IS Turkey and you have to adapt and go with the flow. I get very angry when I hear British people moaning about thing’s not being the same as the UK. Of course they’re not – that’s the beauty of the country.

If you had to do it all over again would you do it all again, and what would you change if you would?

I would do it all again but I would have come here a lot earlier!

For anyone who is planning to make the move to live in Turkey, what would your top 3 pieces of advice be for them?

  1. Make sure you bring a lot of patience with you as you’ll need it to cope with all the bureaucracy and the fact that things don’t happen quickly here
  2. If you’re buying/building a house get expert help as things can go very wrong if you don’t follow all the legal obligations
  3. Leave your British way of life back in the UK. It’s a new beginning so enjoy it and have fun learning a new attitude to life.

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  1. 18th March 2013

    James Smith Reply

    Hi Jane, We corresponded some time ago about family history, on Ancestry. I tried to email you, but your former address janekaraca@fastmail.fm doesn’t seem to be good any more. I don’t know if this message will reach you, but if it does please email me at jamessmith13006@gmail.com. Thanks.
    Best regards,
    James Smith

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