Is Turkey a Safe Place to Travel and Live?

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Is Turkey a Safe Place to Travel and Live, find out my thoughts on this issue…….

The recent conflict between Turkey and Syria has some asking is Turkey still as safe place to Travel and Live?  After all a town was shelled and a Mother and 4 Children were killed.  Turkey then hit back at Syria to avenge the deaths and shelling of their People. (5 Killed as Syrian shell hits Turkish Town)

As a resident of Turkey I have been like many, keeping a close watch on the ever changing events in today’s news regards what Turkey will do about keeping her borders and people safe and will it mean War with Syria.

The social media outlets, facebook and twitter are being used as a soap box for Turkish Citizens to saying “Savas Hayir” mean “ No War” the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said earlier today Turkey would not go to War.

But with an election coming up he has to play this carefully, he will have to please his biggest supporters and the majority of the country, time will only tell what he’s really intentions are.

Only a few hours ago Parliament passed a cross border motion in which the main opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP)  claim the Cross Border Motion means Turkey may go to War with any Country at anytime.  The Justice and Development Party (AKP) claim it is to allow the Defence of Turkey’s borders and its people.

It is my own opinion (and I am sure you will all let me know what your opinions are in the comments) that Turkey will not go to War with Syria, I think that this close to an election it would be a risky move and a move that the UN and Nato will be against.

Do I feel the need to leave Turkey after these recent events?  In short No, this is my home and I feel safe here.  Unless War is declared and I feel that the security of my family is at risk I will remain here.

Would I still book a holiday to Turkey?  Yes, in a few months time this could be tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappings, a small incident forgotten about come the Start of Next Years Summer Season and the World will be worrying about the next big issue.

You probably have more risk of your travel company going bust than ever coming across any conflict here in Turkey.  All the resorts in Turkey are over a 1000 miles away from the Syrian border and you are more likely to fall down drunk and end up in hospital than be involved in any conflict.

What if the conflict continues and I’ve booked my holiday?  Most likely your travel company would inform you of any change in the situation in Turkey and find a new destination or refund you via your insurance.

What about the problems with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)?  The PKK in recent months have been active in Turkey.  Most of the problems again happen in the East of Turkey which again is 1000 of miles away from any resort.  The PKK have been a major issue in Turkey for many years and 1000’s of tourist come to Turkey every year without issue or worry about the PKK.

I want to visit the East of Turkey?  I would recommend travel with caution, certain areas of Turkey are under a travel warning from the UK embassy and I would advise contacting them before you decide on any travel to the Eat.  I would maybe suggest travelling with a recommended Travel Operator than travelling alone.

Link for Travel Advice from The British Embassy

Life is full of what if’s and if we worry about what’s happened this week and allow it to affect our future plans because of a “what if this happens” then you might as well stay in bed all day, because who knows what might happen tomorrow.

In conclusion I don’t find Turkey any more unsafe than I did yesterday, No I won’t leave because of some feather fluffing and political talk.  I would only leave when and if my family is at risk and our lives are in danger which is certainly not going to be any time soon.

Are you an expat living in Turkey are you considering your options after this weeks conflict with Syria?  Are you planning a holiday in Turkey has the latest issues made you think twice about coming next year?

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7 Responses to “Is Turkey a Safe Place to Travel and Live?”

  1. 6th October 2012

    My Turkish Joys Reply

    I still find Turkey safe, but I do live in Istanbul far away from the border conflicts. Not sure if I would travel to Gaziantep, Hatay or close to that region right now. However, I do NOT think tourists should be detoured from any of the beach resorts, Istanbul, the Black Sea region or Cappadocia at all! Those areas are safe. IMO.

  2. 6th October 2012

    Nuno Silva Reply

    I think Turkey is still one of the safest places in the world to visit. If PM decides to go to war he looses elections for sure ;).

  3. 6th October 2012

    Kerry Arslan Reply

    Even with the added tension in the last couple of days I certainly don’t feel worried. 100% agree with both Nuno Silva and My Turkish Joys.

  4. 13th January 2015

    Stef johansson Reply

    I lived in various parts of Turkey for three years and tbh it’s safer than London! Enjoy the sun ignore the conflict, it’s not ours!

  5. 30th June 2015

    Aubrey Reply

    It is only a matter of time, There are so many easy targets on the beaches as was in Tunisia. These Terrorists just want to kill and where is not an issue, Sooner or later it will happen.

  6. 8th May 2016

    Tak Arthit LP Reply


  7. 13th April 2020

    Janice Ferris Reply

    I have read all the little stories and it could not be that bad, I do understand that you have many papers to sign but of course that comes from their culture… I am a Canadian at heart never have left Canada maybe twice but that was years ago and I was quite young between 20 and 30 years.

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