Bittersweet Coming Home to Turkey

By | on 14th December 2013 | 7 Comments

departuresThe day before I was due to return to Turkey after my little stay in the UK, I wrote on my facebook status that I was “happy and sad” that I was leaving the UK to return home to Turkey.

One of my friends reply to this status was its “Bittersweet”, which is so true. It doesn’t matter which way we go we are always leaving someone we love behind.

When you live away from home you always feeling like your saying goodbye and it can be more so for the likes of you and me living in Turkey where we always need visa for our partners or their commitments mean they can’t travel with us and we find ourselves leaving them behind in order to visit home.

I was excited and happy to be returning back to Turkey to be with my husband and to be a family again, yet at the same time I was sad to be leaving my parents and the familiarity of home behind.

What I learned from this is, we have to make the most of the moments we have with all the people we love, enjoy the time we do have with them and not waste it worrying and being sad about those who are not with us at the time.

I know many of you are traveling home from Christmas to visit your families and leaving your partners here in Turkey, I wish you all a lovely time at home with your family and friends. Embrace the time you have with them, make precious memories to carry home with you on your return to Turkey and don’t be to sad about those you have to leave behind.

And a big thank you to the inventors of the internet, without it our loved ones would seem so much further away.



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7 Responses to “Bittersweet Coming Home to Turkey”

  1. 14th December 2013

    Maria Reply

    Hi Kerry…I hope u are feeling better now that u are back home again..I discovered your blog not long ago by coincidence.. I’m spanish girl living in Ireland. I met my turkish man a while ago. We have been seeing each other for a while now and the love keeps growing between us. We decided to make the move and be together to start a new life and family.
    I love him more than anything and we know we are each other’s soul mate..but sometimes I can’t help thinking how lonely I can find myself there with no language or anything. I’m worried about how is it gonna be to have children and live in such a different culture but I know he is the one.
    Is there any tips you would kindly give me? To read your blog helps me a lot when I feel a little afraid and confused ;)). Thanks a million

    • 16th December 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Maria

      I am glad my blog has been helping you. Well number one is of course to learn the language, that helps a lot. The next would be to keep an open mind and try and fit in with the community and make friends, then you will find yourself feeling here is home as well and it gets less lonely. Having kids isn’t that hard here to be honest for a start Turkey is so child friendly everyone loves them, though you will get a lot of unwanted advice but everyone is just trying to help. You will bring your children up as you want and in your way and having the mixed cultures, mix languages etc is great for them as well. Having kids can be hard if you have no family around you like myself but you managed and they help with the loneliness at times to.

      Try not to over think life just let it happen, if you worry about all the little things you will never relax and fully accept your life here, its not always easy and there are always going to be things that get on your nerves but you have to let them pass.

      Also get involved in some of the online communities for Turkey there are a ton on facebook where there are lots of ladies and gents just like us. It helps to be reminded your not alone here and you can also find people in your area. Try this group which I help admin

      Good luck and message me anytime here or via email will be happy to chat x

      • 16th December 2013

        Maria Reply

        Thanks again Kerry :))))…your words made me feel much better. Is just…as you well know…big changes like this are sometimes scary even though you are sure about your feelings 🙂
        Thanks again. I wish you a happy Christmas to you and your family. x

  2. 14th December 2013

    Kelly Reply

    So true, Kerry.
    What lovely words x

  3. 15th December 2013

    Turkey's For Life Reply

    Very true, Kerry. We’re here in Turkey for Christmas and while we enjoy it, it’s still ‘different.’ Yes, the internet has made our lives so much easier hasn’t it?!

    • 16th December 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      It has indeed would hate to have been here in the days of snail mail!

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