What is Ramazan?

Ramazan (Ramadan) in Turkey is an important time for Muslims in Turkey. Ramazan is the 9th month on the Islamic calender, and was the month in which the initial verses of the Qur’an were said to be shown to Muhammad, the Islamic Prophet. During Ramazan many people in Turkey will fast during the 30 days of Ramazan. Fasting beings at dawn and ends at sunset each day and followed with prayers. Fasting does not just mean abstaining from Food, but also drinking (including water), smoking or anything sinful. Nothing must pass your lips during the hours of fasting.


what is ramazan


When is Ramazan?

The time of Ramazan is set by the Islamic Lunar Calender and only begins at the sighting of the New Moon. The time of Ramazan also changes depending on the country your live in some countries rely more on the sighting of the New Moon and others rely more on science and astronomical calculations. In general the date changes each year moving forward by about 10 days. Ramazan last for around 30 days or until the sighting of the next New Moon.


Why Fast?

Fasting is seen as a way to focus your attention to Allah (God), during Ramazan many read the Qur’an, pray more than at other times and take time for contemplation on the past and the future.

Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of the Islam religion, and a part of Islamic worship. It is a way to restrain from everyday indulgences. Fasting is also seen as way to amend for your sins and mistakes. Muslims will request for forgiveness of past sins and pray for direction and guidance.

Fasting allows Muslims to focus on Allah and themselves, Muslims request forgiveness for sins in the past, pray for direction and assistance in abstaining from everyday problems, and endeavour to cleanse themselves through self-control and acts of faith.

Some however can not fast during Ramazan due to illness, medications, travel and for some through work. For those who can not fast then giving to Charity and helping other less fortunate is also acceptable along with additional prayers.


What does Ramzan (Ramadan) Mean?

The word Ramadan or in Turkey Ramazan originates from an Arabic root “rmd”, in words like “ramida” or “ar-ramad” which means severe heat, burnt ground as well as shortness of provisions.

It is said the month is named Ramzan because the act of fasting and additional pray burns out the sins with good deeds.

Ramzan in Turkey is a time of great contemplation and time to spend with friends and family. Many come together for Itfar the evening meal to break their fast with friends and family and to look forward to the coming holiday Seker Bayram which happens at the end of Ramazan.

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