Victory Day in Turkey, 30 August | Zafer Bayram

Victory Day in Turkey 30 August, Zafer BayramEvery year on the 30th August Turkey celebrates Victory Day (Zafer Bayram).

Victory Day in Turkey marks the final battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922 lead by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk the founder of the Turkish Republic.

They key battle which secured the Turkish Victory was took place at the battle of Dumlupınar, in the Kütahya Province, against the Greeks which began on the 25th of August 1922 and ended on the 30th of August 1922.

Victory Day is an offical holiday in Turkey and many shops business and government buildings will be closed, however some may re open in the afternoon.  There are Military Parades held in the major cities and Turks will hang Turkish Flags and pictures of Atatürk.

Have you attended any celebrations in Turkey during Victory Day??  What was your experience??

For more information on the War of Independance you can visit these sites


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