WARNING: for Tourist e-Visa for Turkey

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Over recent months, Turkey has introduced an e-Visa system, this means you can pay for your visa only before traveling to Turkey. The implementation was meant to remove the ability to purchase a visa at the Airport or other enter points in Turkey.


However this implementation was stopped due to the fact the travel agencies and other agencies where not prepared and so you can still purchase a Visa on entry to Turkey but at a higher price of £20.

Making it cheaper to purchase your visa online before you travel.



As with many things online, there are those who want to cash in on these types of systems and have set up websites that set up to make you think you are on the offical website of the Turkish Government and then charge you an extortionate rate for your e-Visa, prices are ranging between £50 upwards.


I think the reason they can get away with this scam is because they are acting as an agency for you to obtain your visa, where in fact you can simply and easily do it yourself via the Turkish Government website.

Many have already fell fowl of these websites and some have successfully got their money back or cancelled the payment with their credit card companies.

The Cost of the e-Visa with the official website should be no more than $20 or around £12 depending on the current exchange rate.


I have posted the link for the official website throughout this post, please share it with friends and family to make sure they also go to the correct website.

The only real way to get rid of these websites, is to put them out of business by not giving them any business so the more people who are aware of this scam and the correct website address, the less money these con-men get!!

Remember the correct website is www.evisa.gov.tr

Pass the article around to as many places as you can and post the web address on as many forums and groups so everyone goes to the right place.



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4 Responses to “WARNING: for Tourist e-Visa for Turkey”

  1. 30th March 2015

    Mike Reply

    I’ve just been caught by this site!!!! I have also just found that they advertise with google. You see their advert at the top of the page when using a google search. You may be interested to know that they get charged for every time someone clicks on their advert.

    I think I will need to visit their site quite a few times over the next few days to make sure things haven’t changed.

  2. 1st May 2015

    Barbie Nolan Reply

    Sadly just caught by the site. I emailed to cancel and didn’t note the ‘ticket’ number of my complaint so can’t chase it up as there is a maximum of One ticket. Hoping my bank will be able to recover the £50 that has essentially been stolen from me by these crooks.

    • 5th May 2015

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Barbie, thats terrible. Because they run as an agent they aren’t illegal, but they are just con men if you ask me. Hope you got your money back.

  3. 8th March 2017

    mark Reply

    how do i give back the money i pay

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