Sea Life in Dikili

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During our recent visit to my hubbys home town of Dikili we spent a lot of time at the beach and walking along the seafront.  Dikili boasts the second longest beach in Turkey which is 40 km long and is named as a blue flag beach.


The Beach in Dikili stretches for 40 km

In the summer when we visited I had a little bit of issue with the blue flag rating, yes the beach is long and reasonably clean, but the sea wasn’t as clear as what maybe I thought it should be, to be a blue flag beach.

But during our winter visit I found out that the sea is very clean and clear.  In the summer months there is a summer wind and I have been told a different tide which makes the sea rougher and brings in a lot of seaweed and churns up the sea making it look a bit dirty.

During the winter it is clear like the sea has opened her curtains for all to see in.  I am not a keen sea swimmer or snorkeler so I was pleasantly surprised with what I could see.

Walking along the seafront I spied lovely starfish on one day I counted 10 in one small area.


One of the many Starfish I spotted from the shoreline

Sea anemones were everywhere clinging to the rocks and swaying in the current.


Here are some Sea Anemones right next to the path

I also seen various crabs crawling around the sea bottom, these didn’t picture so well as they are well camouflaged.  You will also find octopus in and around the rocks and further out to sea but I wasn’t lucky enough spy any. Though my nephew who makes a living diving for them in the summer tells me there are plenty around.

Many schools of fish swimming around, from tiny to large sized.


Some fish feeding on the Rocks

I am not sure the name of these crustaceans maybe someone can help me, but there were plenty of these around.  Normally I only see these once they have been eaten or left their shells behind.


Beautiful Crustaceans in shallow water near to the shore.

I was quite amazed at what I could see from the shore and enjoyed my little insight into the beauty of the sea.  There are many more amazing creatures swimming and living around the shores of Dikili including I am told out in depths some types of sharks but sadly the only proof of this was the small sharks caught and put on display in the Market, I seen 3 of these on separate stalls.  I love the fish in Dikili as most of it is caught in and around the area and is about as fresh as you can get.


A Sad looking Shark for Sale at Dikili Market

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3 Responses to “Sea Life in Dikili”

  1. 28th February 2013

    NataliNatalie Reply

    I have been waiting for your articles on Dikili because it is on my list of places to go. Fish and sea life is exactly what I like to see when I head to the coastal resorts. Are those sharks just for display or are they actually eaten as well?

    • 28th February 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      I will be posting a couple more soon. But if you want to know anything let me know and can help out. If you are there in the summer let me know your dates if we are there maybe we can meet up.

      The sharks are for sale not sure how you cooking them etc. The summer is the time to go for the best seafood as all the Turkish tourist are and all the restaurants are open.

  2. 1st March 2013

    Brian Reply

    lovely post, most people would not recognise how important these valuable observations are. they bring real life to the fore.

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