Essential Guide to Holidaying in Turkey

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Holidaying in Turkey

The summer season in Turkey is almost upon us and for those that have holidays booked to come to Turkey the excitement will be building. Here is my Essential Guide to Holidaying in Turkey, all you need to know in advance of your holiday.

Visa When travelling to Turkey certain nationalities are required to pay a visa on entry to Turkey. Your visa can be paid as you arrive at the Airport. For UK travellers this £10 Sterling, for those living in Ireland and Scotland make sure you have an English £10 note. When landing at your destination follow the signs for Visa which is normally situated near to Passport control. See article on the recent Visitor Visa details for Turkey

Drinking Water It is advisable during your stay here in Turkey to drink bottled water. Water quality has improved in Turkey however as you are staying for a short time it is better to stick to bottle water to avoid any stomach upsets. Bottle water is cheap and you can purchase small and large bottles.
Stay Hydrated We all love to indulge in the cocktails while on holiday and while lying on the beach it’s easy to sip a way at a lovely cocktail or glass of beer. However during peak summer, temperatures can rise to over 40c and it is important to remember to drink plenty water to help you stay hydrated. Becoming dehydrated can result in you ending up in hospital. When ordering an alcoholic drink especially during the day why not order a bottle of water with it to help you stay hydrated.

Sun cream So you don’t end up looking like a lobster, remember to always wear sun cream even if you have skin that loves the sun. Sun can damage your skin without your knowledge resulting in premature aging and skin cancer. Get your skin used to the strong sun by starting with a high factor around 25 or 30 then slowly reduce the factor to 10 or 8. This will help you build up a good tan and using after sun after you shower will help to maintain your tan and make it last longer.

Sunbathing Part of coming on holiday to a hot sunny country is to enjoy the sun and to sunbathe. Just as you would at home, try to stay out of the midday sun, find some shade, head back to your room for a midday snooze or get under a sunshade. Remember to keep renewing your sun cream especially after being in the water and keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty water.

Forgot Something Remember Turkey does have shops so don’t panic if you forgot something, the supermarkets are great you can get main brand sun creams, ladies sanitary items and baby nappies, baby milk and baby food,. If you also want to keep the weight down in your suitcase you can buy all your toiletries on arriving in Turkey.

Eating Out It’s really easy just to eat food you are used to eating at home. Don’t just stick with what you know, try the Turkish foods available you wont be disappointed. Turkish food is full of flavour and healthy so give it a try I promise you won’t be disappointed.

All Inclusive Are you staying in an All Inclusive hotel this year? Or have you managed to find the perfect rental villa, like those you can find with Exceptional Villas instead? I know they cater to a lot of places like Barbados, so if a hotel isn’t for you, then this could be the perfect vacation accommodation. However, you’d be missing out if you don’t decide to stay in one of Turkey’s many All Inclusive hotels. Plan at least one day to take a trip out of your hotel and investigate the local area. All the hotels offer daily tours or you can hire a car and take a tour yourself. You can’t say you have been to Turkey if you stay in your hotel for your whole holiday.

Take a Boat Trip I personally love boat trips, and being in the water, pick a boat that suits you. On a recent trip to Portugal, I actually tried different water sports and fell in love with Kite Control Portugal so I am definitely going to try out more water sports here, as we love it! Some boats have lots of loud music and activities and others are more peaceful. Most boat trips are not to expensive. They offer wonderful views and sights of the Turkish coast line and most boat trips stop at least once allowing you visit another town or village. They are also a great way to top up your tan.

Turkish Bath Experiencing a Turkish Bath is a must; your hotel will either have a Turkish Bath within the hotel or will be able to recommend a Turkish Bath nearby. Not only do you get a great massage during your Turkish Bath but your skins will be as soft as a baby’s skin and you will be so relaxed you will feel like a new person.

I hope some of my tips will help you have a great holiday. Please ask any questions about your up coming holiday and please come and tell us all about your Turkish Holiday on your return.

Travelling to Turkey with a young child or baby, check out my guide Travelling to Turkey with a Baby or Young Child

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  1. 17th March 2011

    Turkey's For Life Reply

    It doesn’t matter how many times people are told to wear plenty suncream, you can guarantee you’ll see the said ‘lobster’ walking up the street of any Turkish resort at some point during the summer months. 🙂

  2. 17th March 2011

    Kerry Arslan Reply

    That is so true 🙂 you can also always tell who just got off the plane and who is near the end of their holiday. From Milk bottle white, to lobster red and then suntan brown!

  3. 22nd March 2011

    Natalie Reply

    I love the fact that summer is on the way however when it gets to August, I will probably be moaning that it is too hot!

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