The Bergama Museum and Pergamon

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For many years now I have been asking my husband to take me to visit the ancient city of Pergamon in the city of Bergama, Izmir. Bergama is only 30 minutes from my husbands home town of Dikili and we often visit Bergama for one reason or another but never making it to the Acropolis or any of the other historical places in Bergama.


The city of Pergamon looks down on the city of Bergama


I have also spent the the years reading of other bloggers experiences of Pergamon and while visiting Bergama it’s hard not to notice the Acropolis of Pergamon looking down on you from its hill top, this ancient city soaked in history and just begging me to go explore.

Last summer while holidaying in Dikili, my husband promised he would take me to visit the Acropolis, but the summer temperatures where to hot for visiting this hill top city, especially with our little boy. However during our holiday we had to go to Bergama and instead of visiting the Acropolis, we took some time out to visit the Museum of Bergama.


The Museum of Bergama

I didn’t know what to expect of the Museum, but let me tell you it’s one of the most fantastic Museums have have had chance to visit in Turkey (well in my opinion).

Bergama museum Garden

The Museum is just in the city centre next to the Teachers house and tea garden on the main road.  As you walk in through the gates of the museum you are met by a lovely garden area covered in headstones and other stone artifacts.

The Artifacts in the Museum Garden

The Artifacts in the Museum Garden


Once in the cool interior of the Museum you have views out to a Roman style court yard and then as you follow the route around the museum, the history of Bergama and Pergamon is opened up to you.


The centre Court Yard of the Museum


The Museum is packed with early artifacts dating back to pre-historic times, bronze age then going through the years to Roman and Greek times and onto the Ottoman period . If you love history and artifacts this Bergama Museum will not disappoint you.

bronze age pergamon

A Display from the Museum


There are some amazing examples of jewellery, coins, sculptures, pots, religious artifacts and much more including the beautiful Medusa mosaic taken from Pergamon to preserve it. A magnificent statue of Hadrian and many different heads and busts from the Roman and Greek Periods.


The Sculpture of Hadrian


Every where you turn in this museum there is something to take your attention. I will visit the Bergama Museum again as I feel I did not take in all the history and items on display and I want to go see all these amazing pieces again.


The Medusa Mosaic


Not only is the Museum worth a visit but take a tour around the city centre and old town of Bergama, much of the city I am yet to see myself. You will find lots of architecture for various periods including Roman and houses of Greek Quarter at the base of the Acropolis hill. Bergama on the out skirts looks like any ordinary city one that says pass by do no stop, but like an oyster the pearl is in the center and is well worth a visit for history lovers and the like.


The Court House


One thing that does saddens me is the true Jewels of Pergamon where excavated and taken to Germany and are now displayed in the Pergamon museum in Berlin, one of the most famous and most visited museums in German. I would so love to see the artifacts including the Altar of Zeus returned to Bergama and Pergamon. But I think I may have to visit Berlin if I wish to see the alter.


The Alter of Zeus in Berlin, from Wikipedia


For me Bergama and Pergamon has won my heart and I shall not think of Ephesus with out thinking of Pergamon first after all it was the capital long before Ephesus.


Another fantastic Display

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the Bergama Museum and a little of Bergama.  In my next article I will tell you about my long awaited visit to the Acropolis of Pergamon.

Have you visited Bergama or Pergamon, what are your thoughts and impression?



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