Teaching My Son Turkish

Since moving back to the UK last October we have been very focused on settling into our new home and life. Which has all gone very well. Recently I have realised that there is little to no Turkish being spoken and I am worried that my Son will forget how to speak Turkish.


Learning Turkish for Kids or any language at an early age is very important. Their brains are like sponges and being bilingual is extremely good for their learning. Most importantly for me, is that my Son can speak with his family easily and with confidence.

My Turkish is ok and I can easily teach him some of the basics, but even I need to improve and keep up with my own Turkish speaking. And for sure my Turkish grammar could do with a lot of work.

I began to look around for a good way for my Son to learn Turkish. My first thoughts went to taking him a long to a Turkish speaking class but on further investigation I found out the nearest class was over an hour away and evenings.

Which brought me to Baba, why not use the time he is Skyping us to teach Baran Turkish and of course have the conversations in Turkish. This is a great way to kill 1 bird with two stones. In theory it works but it also eats into a lot of family time and right now we really want Baran to enjoy the little time he has with his Baba. Once Baba is with us in the UK he will talk more with Baran in Turkish then.

Leaving it up to me to teach him while we wait for Baba’s arrival to the UK.

The best online teaching option I have found is Dinolingo. They have nearly everything you need, stories, videos, songs, flashcards worksheets and more. The yearly cost is is £77.00. It seems expensive, however they always have some sort of discount offer on so you can normally get it for under £77. There are some free samples so you can give it a try and see if is for you.

If you like the Dinolingo but feel it is a little expensive they also have store on Amazon. Where they offer different sets of DVDS, kindle books and mp3 downloads that are useful for getting you started.

I also went onto Amazon and had a look to see what I could get there are some really nice story books. A good selection of language books by Millet, dictionaries and flashcards.


For free resources, I went to youtube for videos. You can of course get a lot of the Turkish cartoons which you can use instead of cartoon time in English. There are some lovely Turkish nursery rhymes and various songs that are great fun to learn with your child.

I found a good website called HelloWorld which is a great resource for helping kids learn Turkish.

I have made Turkish time a fun time and little Mummy and Son time. I use a mix of Dinolingo, Youtube and various books to make it fun. I also do little quizzes when we are out, asking him to count in Turkish or to give me colours he sees in Turkish. Rather that us having a fixed time for learning and learning Turkish becoming chore, I have mixed it into our daily life.

Hopefully I haven’t taught him any bad pronunciations and that by the time Baba doesn’t have to much to fix! It is also a fab way for me to improve my own Turkish and keep me speaking daily as well.

I hope this little article helps anyone trying to find a way to help their children learning Turkish. Please do post any tips or good links for other parents to use.

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  1. 26th September 2016

    backtobodrum Reply

    We moved to the UK when my daughter was 8 and she very soon got out of the habit of speaking Turkish, even though her father was with us and carried on speaking Turkish. She could still understand it though and when we returned to Turkey 12 years later, it took her about 6 months to become fluent again.

  2. 30th January 2018

    Ismail Ozdemir Reply

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