Mucveri – Courgette Patties

Mucveri – Courgette Patties
Ingredients for Mucveri – Courgette Patties:


Grate the courgettes and then sprinkle them with salt and leave them in a boil or colander.  This will remove the excess water from the courgettes.  Leave them for about 5 minutes, then take a tea towel and put the courgettes in the towel and squeeze out the rest of the water.

Then take your courgettes, onion and garlic and fry in a pan with the Olive Oil until the take on a nice golden colour.

Mix your eggs and flour together to form a nice smooth batter, then add in the cheese, herbs and red pepper flakes and season.

Then take your warm courgette, onion and garlic mix and add it to your mixture.

In a deep frying pan heat some of your Sunflower Oil, then take a dessert spoon of your mixture and drop it into the hot oil, cook till golden on both sides.

Take out and let them sit on kitchen roll to remove the excess oil.

You can serve them hot or cold.

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