Gul Borek with Feta Cheese and Parsley Filling

Gul Borek is a classic Turkish Borek,  mainly made with Cheese and Parsley but can also be made using a mince, potoato, onion and leek or any combination you like.


This recipe is for the classic Gul Borek, which is perfect for lunch or served with salad as a light meal.

Gul Borek with Feta Cheese and Parsley Filling

4 to 6 sheets of Yufka or Filo Pastry
250 grams, Feta Cheese
225 grams cheddar cheese grated
Bunch of Parsley
2 to 3 Spring Onions
1 tsp, Red Pepper Flakes

Yoghurt Mix

2 cups of Yoghurt
2 eggs
¾ cup Olive Oil

Sesame or Nigella seeds

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First of all mix up the Yoghurt Mix, we use this to spread over the Yufka before adding our filling and for brushing over the top of the Gul Borek before baking.

Then mix up your filling, crumble the feta cheese, add in your grated cheddar cheese, then chop your Parsley and Spring Onions and add to the mix along with the red pepper flakes. Add in some salt to taste, if your cheese is salty be careful how much extra salt you add.

Now comes the simple technical bit.

Take your sheet of Yufka and cut into quarters to make large triangle shapes. Then brush on a fine layer of your yoghurt mix. At the top end of your Yufka place your filling along the edge.

I like to fold in the corners just a little and then roll your pastry into a cigar shape down to the bottom of your triangle shape.

Now from one end of the cigar shape, roll into its self to make a circle which should resemble a rose shape.

Place this onto your baking tray. Continue this process until you have made all your Gul Borek.

Now brush over each of your borek with your yoghurt mix and sprinkle over your sesame or Nigel seeds. I like to mix mine and use both together.

Place your Borek in a heated oven at about 150 c and cook until golden on top.

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