What Time is it In Turkey…………..

As the rest of Europe adjusted to winter daylight savings time, Turkey in their infinite wisdom to save a daylight for voting on Sunday decided not to change with the rest of Europe.


Chaos was created and still today I am seeing posts of people trying to work out what time it is in Turkey…….

The Chaos started when unlike the good old days, most people rely on their phone, tablets, television, computers and other digital devices, which all changed to match the normal Daylight Savings time change.

A few of my friends in Turkey were not even aware of the time change issues till they came on social media and realised they were in a completely different time zone to everyone else in Turkey and others were late for work, appointments and events.

In fact Turkey is now 3 hours ahead of the UK and 2 hours ahead for most of Europe.

What most people ended up calling the time in Turkey Tayyip time………..

Even for me in the UK it has taken a bit of adjusting to working out what time it is with my husband and when to call etc.

But don’t worry they will adjust the times, on November the 8th Turkey will move to daylight savings time and the world will right itself again.

Perhaps the government could have been a little more logical with this time change. If they had moved the opening time of the polls to 1 hour earlier they would have been able to change with everyone else and still have enough daylight hours……..

One thing it has shown me, is time is pretty irrelevant, it’s a man made thing, time is useful for appointments and keeping everyone working in line with each other. But on a personal level for me time really means nothing. When I am chatting with hubby really we are in the present and together it doesn’t matter if it’s 8pm with him and only 5pm with me.

I do hope that this chaos was worth it in the end and voting goes well on Sunday and I look forward to the 8th of November when everyone will know what time it is again….

Did you get caught out by the time change or lack of time change this weekend?

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