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There has been a lot of panic regarding the new Visitor Visa for Turkey but once you get your head around the wording it is actually a better system and will suit most visitors to Turkey.

Important:  As of the 10th of April 2014 you will now be required to purchase your Visitor Visa for Turkey using the e-Visa system before you Travel.  See Visitor Visa, e-Visa for Turkey article for more details.

The new Visitor Visa is “90 days within 180 days”, meaning you may visit for up to 90 days in turkey and the visa is valid for 180 days.  The old visa was 90 days and expired within 90 days.

The new visa is the same as the Schengen visa bringing Turkey into line with Europe.

If you are just a yearly visitor for a 2 week holiday it will not affect you in any way.  On arrival before passport control, go to the visa point pay your fee £10 Sterling for UK visitors or €15 for European countries (see other prices here).  They will give you a visa stamp in your passport. Your passport will be checked on departure and that’s you until next year.

If you are planning multiple trips to Turkey the new system may work out better for you.  Because the visitor visa is valid for up to 180 days and allows you 90 days in the country.  This means you can come and go within the 180 days as long as you do not exceed 90 days.

Example:             Visa Purchase Date:  1 July

                                Visa Expires: 27 December

                Holiday one:      1 July to 14 July  = 14 days

                Holiday two:     1 August to 22 August = 22 days

                Holiday three:   1 October to 14 October = 14 days

50 days used in total, leaving you a further 40 days in the 180 day period.  You have only purchased one visitor visa at £10/€15 instead of two visitor visas to cover your 3 holidays. You will make a saving of £10/€15 per person.

If you are travelling to Turkey for an extended stay or for the full summer season staying for more than 90 days in a 180 day period.  You will require a long stay visa as you may not purchase another visa with 180 day period.  Meaning if you have a holiday home and are staying for the season or travelling around Turkey for the summer season.  You must purchase another type of visa.  One option is if you are renting or have a holiday home here you can apply for a Residency Visa which your can purchase from 1 month to 6 years. (click here for more details on the Residency Visa.)

Staying for the 90 day period in one stay, you won’t be affected as long as you do not wish to return within the 180 day period.  You will have to wait until the 180 day period is finished before returning on another visitor visa.

Overstaying Your Visa

In short Do Not Overstay your Visitor Visa.  You be fined and you may be deported and banned from re-entry into the county for up to 6 months.  If you do not pay a fine given to you before departing the country you will automatically be banned from the country for up to 5 years.

1-15 day overstay: No Ban
16-90 day overstay: up to 3 month Ban
90 day or more overstay:  up to 6 month Ban

When can you Apply for a New Visitors Visa

You may apply within 24 hours for a new visa at the end of the 180 day period.  You will need to leave the country and re-entry to obtain a new visa.  You may only purchase two “ 90 day within 180” day visitor visa’s a year.

What are your thoughts on the new visitor visa?  Do you think it’s a change for the good?


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17 Responses to “Visitor Visa Turkey | 90 within 180 day Tourist Visa”

  1. 6th March 2012

    EarthLaughsInFlowers Reply

    Visiting Turkey this Summer, find out more about the 90 day in 180 day Visitor Visa……..

  2. 5th September 2015

    lynsey Reply

    Once you apply for a new visa does that mean you get a new 90 days.

    My visa started 16th March and ends 11th September. I spent 9 days in march and then went across in June and stayed till the end of august. In total I spent 88 days. Prior to that I had a visa from September 2014 till March 13th this year.

    My question is once my current visa ends this month can I just apply for a new visa and get another 90 days to visit in October.

    I have asked many people about this but im just confused really.

    • 6th September 2015

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi As soon as your evisa expires after the 180 days (6 months) you can reapply the next day for a new evisa, providing you are outside of Turkey. You will have no problems.


      • 6th September 2015

        lynsey Reply


        I’m even more confused I have emailed and phoned the turkish visa helpline.

        Email says I need to wait another 90 days

        Phone says I can apply for a new one.

        I have been on another forum and people say they count back 180 days from departure which makes no sense as to why the 180 days have a start point. Which means if I was to go in September I would be overstaying

        I just don’t want to go to turkey and overstay.

        • 6th September 2015

          Kerry Arslan Reply

          So you have a evisa and I assume you are currently out side of Turkey.

          Your visa will clearly state it’s expiry date, the date should be around the 11th of Sept if it started on 16th of March. From the 16th of March you have 180 days, (6months) within that 6 months you have 90 days (3 months) which you can use. You can come and go or use up the entire 3 months in one go. You have used it by coming and going and used up 88 days, this would leave you 2 days of the 90, that you can use before your visa expires on 11th Sept. Therefore you just need to buy a new visa before you travel again in October. If its expired, its expired no ifs no buts! You don’t have enough days to come back in for any period of time because you have really used up all your 90 days. But as it states on the visa it expires on the 11th of September, you need to buy a new visa.

          Hope that helps. Kerry

          • 6th September 2015


            Thank you the way that your saying is the way I thought it was. I don’t understand why they would give you a start and end day on the visa if it was counted back from the last day of departure.

            I honestly just want to go back and visit my fiancé as we just recently got engaged.

            I think everyone else has just got me worked up about the whole visa thing.

            I applied and got given a new visa to start from the 29th of this month

            But many thanks for your help you have put my mind at ease

  3. 12th September 2015

    Kerry Reply

    Hello i am travelling to turkey on the 26th October and staying till the 17th November my visa expires out on the 12th of November i purchased a new one but have not used my 90 days on my old one i got a new visa starting on the 26nd October which is valid till April 2016, they will be over lapping is this ok?

  4. 12th September 2015

    Kerry Reply

    I have 44 days left to use on my old visa, it expires when i am in turkey on the 12th novemeber, i come home on the 17th novemeber but now have a new one starting from 26th october when i come to turkey and expires in april 2016 so i am covered for my stay right?

  5. 23rd October 2015

    Bob Beer Reply

    I overstayed my visa twice, unawares, because of the way they figure it [long boring story about expired residence, starting from the day the residence expired even though I was out of the country for a month, and erroneous information by the passport control agent at Atatürk Airport omitted].

    If you are caught on the street with an expired visa (not too likely really) you might get deported, but if you are a normal tourist (and as bad as it sounds, from a western country), the worst that will probably happen is having to pay a fine before you leave the country. This can be an incredible headache if you are unaware you have overstayed.


    You are going through passport control to exit, the agent says, “you’ve overstayed.” You ask how that’s possible; he gives you some answer that doesn’t jibe with the answer you got a month and a half earlier and checked twice to be sure, and you are sent to the Visa Violations window. There is a line in front of the window. A LONG line. And one rather unconcerned-looking officer alternately dealing with increasingly frantic passengers and chatting with his officemate who is sitting in the back of the room. You talk with your fellow travelers who learn that your flight closes in 15 minutes and kindly let you move ahead in line. You get to the window, the officer looks at your papers, asks why you overstayed. You try and explain. He really doesn’t care. He tells you to go get a photocopy of your passport including the last visa. Blood pressure rising, you run to the little shop where they have a photocopy machine, get the copies made, run back and when he finishes dealing with his current person, takes your papers and gives you a piece of paper stating the amount of your fine. If it’s the first time and you haven’t overstayed by too long, it’s not going to break the bank. (If it’s the second time, it’s not so negligible an amount.) With 10 minutes left till your flight closes, you run across the airport to the payment window, where there are several other people in the same predicament. You’re so flustered at this point that you’ve misread the amount, and don’t have enough Turkish cash left (they don’t accept dollars or Euros or a card of course). “There’s an ATM upstairs in the Arrivals hall” says the cashier. Instead you call your friend who whips out the remaining amount. You say a goodbye on the run, rush to the special desk get stamped out, and run, exhausted, to your gate, where the agent takes your boarding pass and says “where on earth were you, we were calling you!” You explain, and they say “oh, if you’d just told the ticket agent, they would have informed us and they’d have escorted you here!” Nice to know.

    Moral: Do not overstay your visa. If you have overstayed your visa, or even suspect that there might be an issue, get to the airport at least another hour earlier than normal. Your blood pressure will thank you.

  6. 2nd May 2016

    Alex Reply

    Hi, I want to go on holiday for 21 days in July or August. Now I went to Turkey in November till December for 6 weeks and February till April for 2 months. I did have to go to Visa Violation and I didnt realise and Im still confused about staying in Turkey with 90 days in 180 days.

    So I have stayed in Turkey for over 90 days within 6 months, they told me my Visa doesnt matter its the days, my Visa runs out 21st August and I want to go on holiday there in July but Im not sure I can.
    I would like to know how long it is before I can go back? Is it 180 day wait or 90 day wait till i can return back to Turkey for another 90 day stay Visa?
    Thank you.

    • 2nd May 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      The visa is called 90 days within a 180 days. If you use up all of the 90 days you can not return until the 180 days are finished.

      As you have used up all of your 90 days you can not purchase a new visa until the 180 days are finished on the 21 st of August, on the 22 nd of August you can then purchase a new visa and return to Turkey.

      • 24th May 2016

        Alex Reply

        Ive heard that they count 180 days back from the day you departe Turkey. If I was to return August 12th and they count back… it would mean from March, I only stayed for 63 days and Id be going on holiday for 21 days, which means under 90 days in 180 days counted back. Is this not correct? Im still incredibly confused about the 90 in 180 days. Sorry and thank you.

      • 24th May 2016

        Alex Reply

        Id also like to say, I used 90 days up in 180 days over 2 different Visas. One from August last year and one from February this year.

  7. 17th July 2016

    Corrina Reply

    Following.Thank you.

  8. 8th September 2016

    Carla Reply

    I bought a visa may 10th 2016 I stayed for 10 days I returned august 28th and am staying g can I until nov 5th my visa runs out nov 5 th when can I purchase a new visa and return to Turkey I have at end of my visa 8 days remaining do they get carried I’ve to the 90 on the new visa basically im askin can I leave and return straight away thanks x

  9. 27th February 2017

    abubakar Reply

    i am abubakar i want to go turkey for 3 months can you tell what should i do how car i get turkey visa

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