UK Visitor Visa Applications for Turkish Citizens

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A hot topic on my blog right now is UK Visitors Visas for Turks to visit the UK, unlike the visitor visa for Turkey for UK nationals, Turkish nationals can’t just get a visa on entry on arrival to the UK, they must apply before they travel and this process drives many insane!



First off a little rant from me, there certainly seems to be some inequality regards married partners of UK nationals entering the UK, we are constantly battling visa systems just for a trip home or even if we wish to return and living in the UK with our spouses, it often makes you feel like a 3rd class citizen in your own country. While I agree that immigration rules need to be in place and tight measures in place,  it would be nice to have something in place for those with long term partners who are not UK citizens so when you want to pop home for a quick visit you don’t have to jump through hopes.

I feel better now, after that rant!

That said nothing is going to change any time soon and so we must deal with the Visitor Visa to the UK for our Turkish partners.

Lets look at the UK Visitor Visa Process

  • First bit of advice I was given while doing our first application, is follow everything to the word. Do not miss out on parts and make sure you translate everything they need and have the translator date stamp and sign it.
  • You need to choose between a normal General Visitor Visa and a Family Visitor Visa. If you are not married then your partner will require the General Visitor Visa and if you are married apply for the Family Visitor Visa.
  • Both visas only allow your partner to visit the UK, they can not work or study on this visa, it is only valid for 6 months from date of issue and you may visit as many times as you like within the 6 months. You can apply for 2 year and 5 year and 10 year visitor visas to save apply each time but the costs are high.
  • To start the process visit the UK government website
  • On this page you can select which visa you are applying for, check the documents required and apply for the visa.
  • When you select apply for visa you will be redirected to the Visa4You section here you fill out the form to register. This will be the place where you check each step as you go along and pay your visa fee.
  • A 6 month Visitor Visa fee is currently $142 (21/10/2014)  For more visa fee information  follow this link
    familyvisacost generalvistiorvisa
  • On the visa4you page select apply for myself and fill in the form to start the application and pay the fee.
    note: there is an addition £59 if your partner is applying in Antalya or Adana.
  • Once you have paid the fee and started the process you will need to book an appointment at an application centre which are now run by Teleperformace.
  • This link lists all the visa application centres in Turkey:
  • Make sure to buy their Courier Return Service at £7.95 or you will need to go and collect your Passport especially if you live some distance from the centre Otherwise do not buy their added value services.
  • You must create an account on the Teleperformace website and use the reference number that was given when registering on the visa4you website or they won’t accept your application.
  • Teleperformace Website :

Documents you need for the UK Visitor Visa are:

a current passport or other valid travel identification
2 passport sized colour photographs (British Passport standard not Turkish!)
enough money to support yourself during your trip, e.g. bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months
details of where you plan to stay and your travel plans – you shouldn’t pay for accommodation or travel until you get your visa
You need to have a blank page in your passport on which to put the visa

All documents not in English must be translated and signed by the translator or they will not be accepted.

If you are applying for a UK Family Visitor Visa you will require the following Documents:

a letter of invitation from the family member you are staying with
evidence of their financial and employment circumstances, e.g. bank statements or payslips
evidence of their immigration circumstances in the UK showing they’re permanently settled or have asylum humanitarian status in the UK, e.g. a valid visa or immigration stamp in their passport

  • Money required, I have never had a definite answer regards the expected amount, we always make sure to show about 3000 to 4000 Lira in our bank for a about a 2 month stay. If anyone knows the exact amount please let me know and I will add it in.

We didn’t translate our bank statements, but did translate the payslips as the bank statements where standard and easy to understand.

  • Make sure the passport pictures you get are British Passport size not Turkish this link gives you the correct size
  • Details of travel plans, we always write a short description of our plans and where we will be staying and when we plan to go and return even though this is already in our documents, we also say we plan to visit family and maybe do some tourist visits to various areas etc. doesn’t have to be long but enough to give them an idea of what you intend.
  • Letter of Invitation, though this is not required for a the General Visa if your partner is planing to stay at your house it is a good idea to include one, the more information the you give the better.

The letter should be written by the home owner so if you are staying with parents its better it is written from them. They need to give details of why they are inviting them and that they will be responsible for them during their stay. This is not a legal document the invitee will not be held to anything regards the actions of the visitor.

They will also need to provide bank statements and or business accounts, we always give a utility bill and copy of their passport detail page.

Additional details for family visitor visa:

  • Your partner will also need to provide your details, your passport information and any children’s details.

We provide copies of mine and my sons passport

The more information you can provide the better, we always include documents from my husbands school, which also contains permission to leave during the School holidays.

Keep checking the process and information, remember as I said at the beginning go through everything step by step don’t miss out anything, check and double check all the paper work its easy to make a spelling mistake or put in a figure wrong.

Also double check the translators work we have had so many issues here with wrong translations and had to get things changed at the last minute.

Once all the paper work is complete and submitted online, print off a copy of the application to take to the application centre along with a copy of the appointment confirmation without these the application with be void and remember the passport, we also take a copy of my husbands ID card to include and all other supporting documents and the pictures.

Follow the process online and use this application step page on teleperformace to keep on track. And remember to create an account on their website!!

This is a useful link to find out how long each centre is taking to process visas to give you an idea of when to apply we normally start about 4 weeks before we plan to travel. Visa is valid from day of issue.

For application fees see this link

Make sure to budget for translations and travel to the application centre, we probably spend an extra 200 to 300 lira on translations and travel.

On the government website they say do not purchase flights or accommodation this is good advice but we normally take the risk regards flights, as to wait means we have to pay more for our flights.

We then also include our flight details when applying, not sure if this helps in any way but it does give an idea we plan to return.

Then once everything is submitted its just a matter of waiting normally about 2 weeks depending on how busy the system is, if you have purchased the courier service it will get posted to you and you will be told via your online account when it has been posted, then its the nervous wait and thumb through the passport to see if the Visa stamp is there!!

Good luck if you are applying for a UK Visitor Visa, the process is fairly simple if you just follow it step by step and keep a check list as you go along, once you have done it once or twice it becomes easier to do but no less nerve racking waiting to see if it’s been accepted.

Note:  Once your partner has his visa, before he can leave Turkey he must pay an exit tax which can be paid at the airport before you go through passport control.  This costs 15 lira.

Please do share your experiences and advice on applying for Visitor Visas to the UK and let me know if I have missed out a step or got something incorrect as I am writing this from memory.

© 2014 – 2015, Kerry Arslan. All rights reserved.

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  2. 21st October 2014

    tamara Reply

    Hi Kerry . did you know if you need to prove that your partner’s SGK/UHI payments are up to date regardless of which visa you are applying for ?

  3. 21st October 2014

    marie ozturk Reply

    Hi can you tell me where u got a translator for your docs? The noter we priced is so expensive

  4. 23rd October 2014

    backtobodrum Reply

    I remember this so well, it was such a relief when my husband and daughter finally got their British passports.

  5. 24th October 2014

    Dina Reply

    I am in London with our 3 months old daughter and my husband is in Istanbul. We got married in October last year and were planning for him to come to London for 1 week this October but he didn’t get Visa. We are devastated and really angry at the whole system. He is a father and husband and cannot see his wife and child unless I take 3 months old baby and travel to Turkey or Europe where he can travel without Visa with his green turkish passport.

    The Visa officer had doubts about his salary because his company pays him partly cash and partly via bank transfer. Even though he had more than enough money in his account he was refused Visa 🙁

    • 24th October 2014

      marie ozturk Reply

      I’m So worried about my husbands visit visa application for these very reasons. ..making me ill.

  6. 29th October 2014

    Lauren B Reply


    My partner was planning to apply for a UK visa this year to come and visit me and my family over christmas.

    I plan to move to Turkey next year but just really wanted him to come here and meet all my family that he is yet to meet.

    We have just started to get everything together, but now im not so sure whether it is even worth applying. After reading storys about most people being denied visas. Most people in better circumstances than my partner. (he is currently at uni, and although he has a huge amount of money to show, he has no job or fixed income, he has a business that is seasonal, so earnt a lot from this, but now he has nothing regular each month)

    im devasted that this is so difficult and i think we will just have to give up before we even start 🙁

    • 4th November 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Lauren, you can but try, if you give good information regards his income and that he has enough money in his bank account to support him during a visit. An invitation letter from your folks, show him staying with them. Proof that he is in University and have a letter from someone at the Uni to show him returning to Uni after his visit etc Write a letter stating he will be visiting from which dates when he returns and why the visit is happening.

      Not everyone gets refused. If you don’t try you will never know, its not a hard procedure and not to expensive to try. Why give up on something you want?

  7. 10th November 2014

    Jane Ozmus Reply

    At risk of repeating myself I just cannot understand why British nationals are unable to invoke the human rights law, which foreign criminals appear to be expert in, of a right to family life. Also why don’t you all form a group to start lobbying the Home Office and your MP. Also bombard the media via Twitter, e mails etc. Unfortunately immigration is not a vote winner and in my experience people who do things by the book seem to have to jump through hoops while those in the country illegally seem to get endless access to legal aid ang get to stay in the country.

    • 10th November 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Jane I think you may like my article tomorrow………

  8. 10th November 2014

    Lauren Reply

    I totally agree. My boyfriends uncles wife is currently trying to get her husband over here. (they have been married for 10 years and she lived over there until a few years ago but had to return due to family health problems). She has 2 youngchildren who miss their dad. He has just been denied a vistors visa as they said he has had too many and shoud be applying for a spouse settlement visa now. However she cant do this as she doesnt earn enough. How can they possibly tell her what she should and shouldnt be doing in her marriage! Its discusting. she has taken her case to her local MP and is trying to get enough signatures on her E-petition to take it to the house of commons. Please sign her petition:

    • 10th November 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      It’s a terrible situation Lauren, those that a honest and going by the rules always seem to get punished. The amount of money you need to earn is crazy. Earlier in the year there was a court ruling over this, the court agreed that it was against human rights, but wouldn’t over rule and over turn a government law. I believe they are taking it to the high court or perhaps the court of human rights now, but its a long road.

  9. 10th November 2014

    Dina Reply

    Thanks for the petition link Lauren. I have signed it and advertised it on social media. Hopefully it will help change the situation for people like us. I had to travel to Brussels with baby, so my husband saw his daughter for the first time. For 3 days we were a happy united family, and now we are back to living in 2 different countries… 🙁

    Good news Kerry about the matters being taken to the high court!

  10. 16th July 2015

    Thomas Reply

    Could you tell me if all of the about visa rules/ regulations apply fot Turkish citizens going on cruises leaving from an UK port? Even though at most they would be in a port would be 8 hours.

  11. 29th July 2015

    Janice Reply

    I would say to any Turkish person applying for a UK tourist visa DONT BOTHER!! We have applied twice now with every single document required translated. Evidence of everything. 24,000 TL in bank ( for almost a year) and, still refused. So, I still have to make a monthly trip to Elazig, which involves getting 2 flights there and 2 flights back at huge expense. Not to mention the money I lose not working just to see my fiancé. I think it’s disgusting that some idiot at the consulate has the power to make or break someone’s life. Not all Turks intend to come to England never to return. Not all Turks are flakey!! My faith in the system is a big fat zero!! I am devastated.

  12. 30th July 2015

    Jillian Gailey Reply

    Hı was wondering ıf anyone could give me some Insight…
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, and he is due to go in for his national service soon (either end of this year or early next year). We have been thinking of applying for a visitors visa so he can come and see me as where he lives (sanliurfa) has recently become a potential target for ISIS, meaning the risk of me travelling there is great. However, someone has told me that due to his national service not being done and that its so close around the corner, he might get rejected on fear that he will stay in Thé country illegally… is this true? Wè dont want to apply for a visa ıf there is a great risk of a knock back (given Thé hassle and the expense of it all) but also we are both not keen on Thé thought of me travelling to urfa when there is potential danger on the Horizon. Really hope someone can shed light on this?!?!

  13. 16th October 2015

    YILDIZ Reply

    I don’t know much about this. but can someone tell me how much money does the Turkish citizen need to show in his bank account? to be able to come to UK? even if its a visitor visa? is there such a requirement? HELP!!

    • 23rd October 2015

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Yildiz, did you find an answer? I think we normally show around 4000 lira to 8000 in our bank but we also have my parents act as sponsor and we haven’t applied this year so I am not sure what they are looking for just now. If you haven’t got an answer let me know and I will find out for you.

  14. 20th December 2015

    Laura Reply

    Hi everyone. Just asking for some advice if possible. My boyfriend has just recently applied for a UK visitor visa and found out it was refused last week. I have just got back from visiting him in Turkey and he told me while I was out there, I was totally gutted for him. We haven’t been together long, however he has wanted to visit the UK for a while as he has a brother living in London.

    He provided all the right documents/proof that is required, however the reason why the visa was refused was because he doesn’t have any ‘winter time’ work. He has always had work in the summer but as place where is works is a holiday resort and only has a life in summer, he struggles to find work in the winter. He proved he had enough money to support his travels while in the UK, and also his flights and hotel reservations for while he was here.

    I find this very hard to understand why he was refused, if he has enough money to support himself while here in UK, may I add he stated that he would only stay for a 2 week holiday over Christmas and new year, why they wouldn’t grant him a visa. I know this may sound a bit stupid, as they are making it more and more difficult for Turkish citizens to get to the UK, even on a visitor visa.

    He also used a company and paid fees to them to help him with his application, which is now money wasted, however he wouldn’t know if he didn’t apply. He thinks he should find some work and maybe apply again in a few months. Anyone else has this problem or know anything about it?

    Any help would be appreciated

    • 21st December 2015

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Laura

      It looks most likely that he can’t prove he will return to Turkey, he has no property or full time job. If he hasn’t shown strong enough ties and reason to return to Turkey they will refuse him. Did you or his brother provide a sponsor letter? Visas to the UK are not easy to get and reading his situation it looks like they won’t grant him one. You can sponsor him and choose to show you will provide money for his stay, which you need to be earning £18,600 a year or he can apply again and this time show that he has a reason to return to Turkey, even buying a return ticket helps, its a risk but it helps.

      Sorry I can’t be more positive for you but its just the state of affairs just now. Good Luck

  15. 20th March 2016

    Matt Reply

    Hi Kerry. Brilliant post. Thank you so much.

    I have two questions.

    Firstly where in Turkey can the right size passport photos be found. I always go to a machine for a couple quid in the UK but by your post I am guessing I could be hunting for a while in istanbul for such machine.

    Secondly with regards to a cover letter or letter of intent from myself attached within an application. What does it need to say? “I promisr my visitor won’t work, educate themselves or stay in the UK longer than allowed. Would it help to add in details of my limited company, accounts, my address, my UK statements and a letter explaining I will assure my visitor is gone by the time the visa expires. How much extra weight does a letter like this carry?

    Any help welcome. I’d just like to dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s to better the chance of success.

    I only require a 6 month visa and also it would just be the General visitor visa.

    Thanks in advance.

    • 21st March 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Matt

      Any of the photo shops in Istanbul will be able to get the dimensions for the passport photo. Just print off the sizing and take it to a shop. Though I think just standard passport size is ok rather than UK size but do check the FAQ section of the application to double check that.

      For the letter if you email me at I will send a sample letter which we used in January for my husbands visa which was accepted. We have used the same letter for 3 visas and all successful. I have a sample which you can copy and adjust as you need for your friend.

      It is most important to give proof of return, so the person who is applying needs to have evidence of this, job contract, mortgage, family ties etc. This is important for them to see as it is the number one reason for refusal. We also always include in one of the sections, info on what will happen during the visit. For example the first time we applied, it was to visit with my family and to do some sight seeing etc. This is a good place to also mention that they need to return by a set date for work or university etc

      One thing we always take the risk and buy flights, that way they see we have a return date. They do advise against this but it’s never worked out to be an issue for us and I think it helps.

      Anything else please do ask.


  16. 21st March 2016

    Matt Reply

    Hi Kerry

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question with such superb information. I would be eternally grateful for a copy of your sample letter so I have a base to work on whilst compiling the necessaries for the application.

    I have sent you an email but it’s playing up at the moment so I hope it arrives

    Again Kerry thank you very much for your help. You are a wonderful, beautiful human being and you’ve no idea how happy you have made me.

    Kendine iyi bak


    • 23rd March 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Matt

      Have replied to email. Please let me know you received it.


  17. 9th June 2016

    Stephen smith Reply

    With the referendum nearly upon us would it be better to apply now or after the 23rd June for a visitors visa for my friend who is Turkish and who wants to come visit me

    • 22nd June 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      It won’t make any difference nothing will happen immediately after the referendum.

  18. 16th June 2016

    Claire Reply

    Does anyone know if fiancé visa will still be issued if you meet the requirements even if uk leaves EU

    • 22nd June 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      No one knows what will happen at the moment and it will take around 2 years for the full exit to take place if it happens.

  19. 22nd June 2016

    MaviGozler Reply

    We live in Turkey and have a young son. My husband is a stay at home dad as I earn in excess of 100,000 lira and have our rent and utilities paid as part of my contract.

    Any idea of how to show these ties to turkey to ensure they are happy he will return with us at the end of our holiday? He has no money in the bank as doesn’t need any as is fully supported by me but have no idea how to evidence this. He has looked after our son since he was 8 weeks old although previously I only worked part time.

    He was recently refused a visa for not supplying financial information to support the part time work he was doing (despite my salary) as he was paid cash and only had a letter from his employer with no pay slips. I did forget to add his SGK which could have been the deciding factor here.

    Now he has stopped work completely so his SGK will now stop too.

    Any advice welcomed as really can face another refusal.

    • 22nd June 2016

      MaviGozler Reply

      Can’t face that should say

    • 15th July 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Could you not set up a bank account in his name. The other option is you could show yourself as his sponsor as you earn in excess of £18,600 per year then you could be his sponsor for a visit visa. Yes the problem lies with will he return. Do you own or rent? If he is named on the mortgage that is one tie back to Turkey. Is he on your SGK? You could provide a letter showing your ties to Turkey and that he is actually the househusband and that you have no reason to return to the UK because of your career etc. We also always buy a return ticket, it is a risk but I think it shows intent to return.

      Hard one as they look first at finance then at intent to return. I think maybe proof he is a househusband might be what you have to give.

  20. 29th June 2016

    Lucy Reply

    Is it more or less difficult to get someone who is Kurdish and living in turkey a visitors visa?

    • 15th July 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      There is no difference they are Turkish Citizens.

  21. 11th July 2016

    Louise Reply

    Hi – i hope that someone might be able to help! Met my boyfriend Sinan in Indonesia as we are both dive instructors. I have had to return to England for work and we have been long distance ever since. I fly to asia when i can to see him but his visa application has been rejected 3 times in the last 10 months! Its now just unbelievably painful. The huge problem is that he doesn’t have a bank account – dive jobs are cash in hand. He wants to give up diving to support me whilst i finish my internship but thus far does not seem possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! We are now trying a tourist visa again so he can just come and see me for a couple of weeks!


    • 15th July 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Louise

      You have to prove two things, income and intent to return. Does he have a contract? if he has job contract and proof the needs to return by a set date that will help. If you or a member of your family could act as a sponsor but you must earn £18,500 or over to financially sponsor him that is another route you can take. You could try stuffing a bank account borrow some money and put it in the bank to show he has cash to support his visit and then pay back the money. It isn’t a great option but could be something he could look at. The other option would be I assume though he gets paid cash in hand is to be self employed, get a business account and place his cash amounts into the account, create a set of accounts and show his business where he works. It is very difficult if you can’t prove your finances or intent to return, but we have to go with the rules. Good luck sorry I can’t be more help.

  22. 16th July 2016

    Claire Reply

    Does anyone know because of all this stuff going on in turkey and uk having a new prime minister will effect a fiancé visa .Me and my fiancé are applying for fiancé visa end of next month and I’m scared incase because of turkey just now the way it is going he will be refused.

    • 18th July 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      We apply in October and I am not worried about the changes. Anything to do with Brexit will not make any big difference to immigration in the coming months.

      • 18th July 2016

        Claire Reply

        Does your partner currently work at the moment . The guy who is helping my fiancé with his application says he needs three month insurance from his work. Even though we are applying for a fiancé visa

        • 4th August 2016

          Kerry Arslan Reply

          My husband does but I can’t see how that is required. Because you are his sponsor and you will pay for the nhs surcharge. So insurance should not be needed. Only proof of your income or savings or a mix of both. And proof of at least 6 months of wage slips from you not him. Let me know if you find out why this is the case.

          • 4th August 2016


            It’s just to show that they are employed it’s ment to be good have to applyied for your visa yet. Do you know anyone who recently got spouse visa to the uk were applying for the fiancé visa which is more expensive and I’m just so worried as its so difficult to get uk visas

          • 28th August 2016

            Kerry Arslan

            The article for the spouse visa on the blog is written by a Shari who recently went through the spouse visa and was accepted and I haven’t heard of any being refused of late. Though I do not hear the fiance visa very often. Try this visa group on facebook if you are not already a member you will get lots of great advice here x

  23. 30th November 2016

    Jill Reply

    We are really confused ?. I am British and I have lived and worked in turkey for nearly 4 years now. We just applied for my boyfriends visa to come to the uk with me for Christmas.
    He didn’t get his visa and the reason on the letter were about him not having the correct money in his bank account, he did write in the letter that I was living with him in Turkey and they say they were unsure that he was going to come back to turkey.
    We think these reasons are really unfair and really confusing.
    What do you think?
    Thank you

    • 6th December 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Jill

      These are standard replies.

      If you have accounted for all the money in your boyfriends bank account, with wage slips etc and perhaps there isn’t enough money in the account to cover his stay. Then they will refuse you.

      You also have to give strong ties back to Turkey a sure reason for his return. This could be a job a letter stating he must return by a set date. Property, family and so on.

      It has nothing to do with your time in Turkey or any other reason and it has nothing to do with yourself it is entirely evidence based from what you provide to the visa application.

      Making sure you have a sponsors letter, all money in the account is accounted for, that he has enough money to support him and good ties back in Turkey are all better chances of getting a visa.

      This is a busy time of year for visas from Turkey as the season ends and so there is a high refusal rate.

      Good luck if you apply again.

  24. 3rd December 2016

    Claire Reply

    Me and my husband have been together for a year and a half (married for 4 months). He has never applied for any visas before. We applied last month and were refused on the grounds that they did not believe he had the said money in his bank account and they do not know how he has been paying his daily expenses before this money was deposited to his account. He works during the high season but receives his salary at the end of the season however if he needs money in an of those months its given to him in cash. Any money taken early is deducted from the final amount. His employer has backed this up with a letter and he has shown they pay his insurance too etc. They said they do not believe he is a genuine visitor and that he will return to turkey. We paid a ‘visa co-ordinator’ to help us with the process who was recommended to us by a friend. He told us not to mention that I am pregnant and to only say we were going to England for Christmas. I am 6 months pregnant now and have been seeing a doctor in turkey for the whole of my pregnancy. In hindsight i can see now where we made mistakes and that we probably do not look like a genuine couple. What can we do about his salary situation? Your advice would be much appreciated.

    • 3rd December 2016

      Claire Reply

      What kind of visa did you apply for,

    • 6th December 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Claire,

      The money is a hard part of being a seasonal worker. What he needs to do is show wage slips if he can get them or an account of cash paid in hand. Often more than not 3rd party advisor are no use and you are better doing it yourself. I am not sure what was in the letter by the employer, they are really not that interested in the insurance. The employer needs to write that your husband gets x amount per working period, that he gets a set amount cash in hand, per week/month. That they then get paid a set amount at the end of the season. The employer should then have wages slips to match this which should also be included in your application. You have to have paper work that accounts for every penny in his account. A big cash amount could look like a loan and therefore will not be accepted unless accounted for. Your money does not count unless you are acting as sponsor, where you earn over £18,600 per year and are saying you will financially support him.

      The next bit is to make sure you show a reason for returning, i.e your commitments in Turkey, job which if the employer can state he is required to return, do you own your apartment? mention this if you do. You need to show ties back in Turkey.

      Yes I would be careful about mentioning the pregnancy it may look like you are trying to return to give birth and for him to stay.

      You may if you want to take the risk is buy a return ticket as proof of return.

      But the main bit is showing he can support himself or asking a family member who earns the set amount to stand as a finical sponsor.

      Hope it helps a little. This is a busy time of year for visas so it seems that a lot are being refused.

      Good luck next time around hope you get it.

  25. 3rd December 2016

    Claire Reply

    Hi Claire
    We applied for the standard visit visa. We have since been to see a lawyer who has advised us to provide further information to re apply to show my husbands ties to turkey and my doctors notes for the baby. We are just stuck on how we can better show his salary.

    • 4th December 2016

      Claire Reply

      Why don’t you apply for a spouse visa then , it’s very difficult for a visit visa my fiancé just got his fiancé settlement visa so over the moon but now stressing about further leave to remain

  26. 4th December 2016

    Claire Reply

    We will apply this time for the spouse visa but we are struggling on how better to show how he is paid from his job in the summer. He gets a lump sum in october/november but any money he asks for early is deducted for the lump sum amount. The refusal letter says it is not clear how you have been paying your daily expenses and because money is deposited in one go they are not satified that these funds are actually availabe to him.

    • 4th December 2016

      Stephen Reply

      It would be interesting to know just how much revenue the british goverment is making on all these visa applications which never seem to be approved my friend has now given up after trying so many times just to come over for a holliday does anyone know the persentage that are acctually given and is there nothing anyone can do to change this ,surely its an infrindgement on our human rights to have friends and loved ones visit us in our own country

      • 6th November 2017

        John Reply

        Stephen. Great point. My daughters boyfriend has applied twice now for a visa to come and visit us here in the UK. Both refused, but for different reasons. Looks to me like a money making exercise.

  27. 4th December 2016

    Claire Reply

    We have spent so much money already and the lawyer told us it all boils down to the ties they have in turkey. Our 2nd application now has gone as far as us proving absolutely every little small detail of our lives even things we think seems really silly. To deny a person their right to be present at the birth of their child and even to be treated like a fraud for falling in love with someone who isnt british seems to me completely against human rights.

    • 4th December 2016

      Claire Reply

      Ok first of all if you apply for spouse visa u don’t have to show anything for your boyfriend other than his ID card he doesn’t even need s job. As long as u make the £18,600 most settlement visa right now are being issued

  28. 4th December 2016

    Claire Reply

    I live in turkey but do not work. I am 6 months pregnant now. We simply want to go to england for a holiday before the baby is born.

    • 4th December 2016

      Claire Reply

      Does yous have an appartment and that to show your going to go back to a car or scooter or something anything will help , as u have lived in turkey and you don’t have much ties to England now as u have lived there it’s going to be hard to get settlement visa as they could say you can live in turkey no problem

  29. 4th December 2016

    Claire Reply

    We have an apartment which we have extended our contract for a further 2 years, we have a scooter, we did have a car but his sister had an accident in it and it had to be sold and i have a letter from my doctor to say i will continue under his care when we return to turkey as our son will be born in Bodrum. We are finding it difficult to show his salary and why its paid in a lump sum at the end of season. I have got my bank statements to show i have funds that have supported us during the summer, obviously as a married couple everything is shared.

  30. 6th July 2017

    Daisy Reply

    I met a guy in Turkey a year ago and have been back a few times to see him. We would both like him to come to stay with me in UK for a few weeks holiday. He would stay at mine and has told them of this but he says they have told him this doesn’t matter he needs to show he has money and they’ve told him around 9000 lira he needs to have. Would this be correct?

  31. 8th July 2017

    Clare Reply

    Can anybody help me please as I have no idea where to start… My fiancé is Turkish and I am British, We met 13 months ago and since then I have been back to Turkey 8 times to see him, We would both like him to come to the UK for a 2 week holiday, What do we need to do to apply for a visa for him ?? Are there any companies who help you with this process ??

  32. 20th December 2017

    Natalia Sabbadin Reply

    Hi Kerry. Thank you for sharing your article, This is so much help to anyone who wants to visit the UK. I’ve been in this application process last year and I’m so stressed about what I’m going to do first so I decided to let do it for me. I’m so grateful they make it easier for me.

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