The Evil Eye Myth or Fact ?

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I love the Evil Eye’s you can buy here in Turkey.  I also know about the stories and the myths surrounding them but I was never really a believer in their power.

That was until this summer when two things happened which change my mind or a least have made me more of a believer than I was previously.

The first instance was while we were staying with my sister in law.  Our little boy was very unsettled and it didnt matter what we did he wouldn’t settle or relax.

I became totally frazzled and was sitting with our son on my knee totally tuned out of the conversation and people around me trying to sooth our little boy.  The next thing I became aware of was my sister in law praying behind my son who at this point had his back to her.

He had never been very keen on her, at the time he had a little aversion to older ladies and wouldn’t go to her or let her pick him up despite us having stayed for over a week with her.

Exasperated I asked hubby what she was doing and he told me she thought that our son had been given the evil eye and she was saying the Nazar prayer.  The Nazar pray is said to remove and keep off the evil eye curse.

My reply was it was all complete rubbish and that he was overtired and teething and the evil eye stuff was total nonsense he just needs to go to sleep.

After a few moments our son totally relaxed his whole body just released and he lay back in my arms and turned to face his Aunty, he had a look on his face which was part trance and part sleepy.  He sat very still and relaxed and watched her while she prayed.  At the end of the prayer he put his arms out and asked to go to her and they have been best friends since that day.

If I hadn’t seen this happen with my own eyes and had been given an account of this like I am giving to you I would be looking for some other explanation but there is none to be given.  Later in the week the same happened again and I was just as amazed as the first time which I could have let go as fluke or one of those strange moments in life.

My hubby and I of course were concerned that someone was wishing our son bad.  But my sister in law explained that to much love and jealousy can also cause the evil eye to be given.  Even parents loving their child can give their own child the evil eye.

She told us that by saying Mashallah frequently while help to protect from the evil eye and wearing evil eye beads will also protect against any curse given either through bad intent or just by loving to much.

The second instance was only last week when we had our neighbour in for breakfast.  As she was leaving she was holding our Son to say goodbye and our evil eye on the door fell off and smashed.  I blamed my hubby for knocking it off and briefly wondered if smashing an evil eye would bring bad luck.

Through out that day I :

  • Broke my e-reader
  • Had a row with hubby
  • My computer crashed
  • And I burnt my hand

When I burnt my hand I thought enough is enough I need to go find out if we have cursed ourselves.  You would think I would have learnt enough about evil eyes to know better by now, but I went and asked some of my online friends for advice.

I was told that as my neighbour was leaving she must have had some thoughts that caused the evil eye to smash as it protected the house from the curse. It obviously didn’t help me out though!

Thinking this through that Evil Eye on the door had been there the day we moved in and the door has been slammed by the wind and opened and shut hundreds of times without it breaking.  A few Mashallah’s later and a phone call to my sister in law for some long distance intervention I haven’t had any more bad luck touch wood!

We also need to now replace the one that broke, which I was also informed by my friends that an evil eye must be given as a gift even if it is just from my hubby in order for it to be effective.

I have always been attracted to the Evil Eye beads as my other article about them proves.  But now I can say that for me their power is more fact that myth.  Mashallah.

Do you think the Evil Eye isFact or Myth??  Have you had an experience with the evil eyes ??
I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.

I also need some help in finding a copy of the Nazar Prayer, if anyone can send me a copy or let me know how I can learn it please message me below.

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One Response to “The Evil Eye Myth or Fact ?”

  1. 4th September 2012

    Erica Reply

    Very interesting your post, enjoyed your story……..I’m married to a Turk and also don’t know if the Evil Eye is myth or fact. I must admit every time I visit Turkey I come home with dozens of different Evil Eye items, I must have a few hundred. I’ve actually mad a display of them on a wall that I had them all mounted.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

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