Nazar Boncuk | The Evil Eye Bead

Evil Eye

The First Evil Eye was recorded over 5000 years ago.

I love Nazar Boncuk’s or Evil Eye’s.  I started collecting Jewellery with Nazar Boncuk’s on my first trip to Turkey and every visit to Turkey I would buy a new item and before long I had a little collection of Nazar Boncuk Jewellery and other Evil Eye items.

You will see Nazar Boncuk’s everywhere you go in Turkey.  In offices, homes, restaurants on lorries and buses.  They are pinned to babies to stop jealous people giving young babies the evil eye.  And worn as fashion accessories.

What is Nazar Boncuk?

Nazar means seeing, and Boncuk is a bead.  Put together they mean Evil Eye Bead or Amulet.

The first record of an evil eye bead was around 5000 years ago and was found by the Mesopotamians, though it is thought that the beads have been around for a lot longer.  You will see the evil beads in many different cultures and societies including, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu to name a few.

The Nazar Boncuk you see here in Turkey was original created by the Glass Makers of Anatolia over 3000 years ago.

Famous stories of the Nazar Boncuk.

A Rock By The Sea

Once long ago there was a rock by the sea that, even with the force of a hundred men and a lot of dynamite, couldn’t be moved or cracked.   There was a man who lives in this town by the sea, he was known to carry the evil eye.  After much effort and endeavour the Rock could still not be moved and it was decided by the town people to bring the man to the rock.  The man, upon looking at the rock said, “My goodness! What a big rock!” The instant he said this, there was a rip and roar and crack and instantly the immense and impossible rock was found to be cracked in two.

Nazar Boncuk and the Baby

A woman who gives birth to a healthy beautiful child with pink cheeks was visited by all the neighbours, they shower the baby with compliments, commentating especially on how healthy and chubby the baby is. After getting so much attention weeks later the baby is found dead in his crib. No explanation can be found for the death. The cause of the death is ascribed to the Nazar, the evil eye.

Nazar Boncuk

Nazar Boncuks make great gifts and collectors items

The second story is why the tradition in Turkey is to pin an evil eye to a new born baby in order to protect it from Nazar.  If a boncuk is found cracked it means the child has been given the evil eye and the Nazar Boncuk is immediately replaced.

Next time you are in Turkey look out for the Nazar Boncuk and maybe even you might start collecting Nazar Boncuks.


Do you think some one can really give you the Evil Eye check out my other article The Evil Eye Myth or Fact ?


Do You love the Nazar Boncuk?  Whats your favourtie Turkish Tradition?


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    The first record of an evil eye bead was around 5000 Read My Article on Evil Eyes

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