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It’s a hard decision to make to move to another country away from family and friends.  Taking a step into the unknown is not something a lot of us are prepared to do.  This time last year I was preparing to take that step into the unknown by moving to live in Turkey with my husband.

We both made a move to a new city called Adapazarı, 2 hours from Istanbul to start our lives together.  It certainly wasn’t easy at first, when we arrived we had no accommodation or knew anyone in the city.  We staid in accommodation for teachers and began our search for our home.

Once we found our home and purchased our furniture we moved in and started our new lives.  For me it wasn’t just a move to another city but to whole new country and culture.  The Turkish language is certainly not the easiest language to try and learn and I am still learning nearly a year on.

We do not live in a typical expat zone and I am yet to come across another person from the UK here or one from any of the other English language countries.  This for a lot of people is not a good thing especially when your Turkish is very little and makes, making friends a lot harder when you are not able to communicate.  What I have found is the Turkish people are extremely hospitable and welcoming we have been blessed by great neighbours and have made some good friends since moving here.

However it has to be said you have to make the effort to fit it, there is no point sitting in your home complaining all day about the way the Turkish people do things.  If you accept their culture and their way of doing things and show you are willing to fit in then they will accept you with open arms and you will make some great friends.  If you try to fight against how life is here you will find yourself shut out by the society around you.

Home sickness is something I never thought I would experience but in the first few months while trying to settle into my new life I did find myself longing for home and wondering if I had done the right thing.  Nearly a year on I am now glad I didn’t decide to pack up my bags and head home.  We have a lovely home, and friends and life is normally easy and simple.  Though as with life we all have our days but you would have these where ever you live.  Of course you always wish you could have family and friends with you but with technology today and the ease of travel they are never far away.

If you are planning on moving to Turkey or any other country, make sure you have experienced a little bit of life in the country you plan to live and not just holiday life.  It’s easy to come on holiday to country for 2 weeks a year and think that life here would be perfect.  Holiday resorts are no the place to experience what life is really like.  Try if you can to visit where you plan to live out of season and speak to people that have moved to the area to find out what life is really like.  Too many make the move and find life not what they expected.

I love living in Turkey and for the moment I plan to stay here for many years to come.  Life no matter where you live has ups and downs and there are times I miss things from home.  Turkey is a wonderful country with lots to offer those who wish to make it their home.

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Dikili, Izmir

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