Can Erik Plum Season | Sour Plum Season Turkey

Between the months of April and May the little green plum known as Can Erik Plum is available in the markets.  These little hard green plums have a sour flavour to them and are a delicacy throughout Turkey and the mid-east.

Can Erik

Can Erik Plum


Some enjoy these plums chilled and or covered in salt.  You can find them sold on the streets or at your local market.  If you are not living in Turkey and would like to try these plum you can order them online.  Living in Turkey it’s not unusual for neighbours with their own Can Erik Trees to hand in some of these tasty plums.

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2 Responses to “Can Erik Plum Season | Sour Plum Season Turkey”

  1. 19th May 2014

    Michael Reply

    These plums are a wonderful spring delicacy; I tried them for the first time last year during a short week end trip to Istanbul, after buying them from an old man on the street, wrapped in a small cone of used newspapers.

    Their shiny grass green color, fresh and juicy sourness, cute small round shape like a big cherry made me fall in love on the spot after the first bite. This fruit being associated with strong local and seasonal identity makes it even more attractive like a very nice holiday souvenir. Could not find it back to France, but saw it again in Gulf region as an imported product from Lebanon.

    Could not resist buying some more,…addicted ?!

    • 3rd June 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      If you look up, they are a Turkish food and goods website based in America and they get the plums in stock, they may ship them to you 🙂

      They are very lovely and when they get bigger I like to use them to make a pie.

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