The Importance of Bread in Turkey | Bread in Islam

What is the importance of Bread in Turkey and in Islam?  Bread is celebrated in various religious and beliefs.  Find out why you should never insult the Bread!

When you sit down to a meal in Turkey it is always accompanied by bread.  My husband often says breakfast without bread is not a breakfast.   Recently a trip to the supermarket resulted in me lightly tossing a loaf of bread into the shopping basket.  To be told by my husband that to throw bread is an insulting act.

I have to admit at the time I was slightly shocked a bit ashamed but also glad that I had learned something new about life here in Turkey.

On my return home I discussed the topic of the importance of bread here in Turkey and in Islam with my friends.   And it brought up some interest facts and reasons behind the importance of bread here in Turkey and in Islam.

You will often see here in Turkey bags of bread left hanging on gates, or left where others may take it.  It’s not superstitious and to ward of any evils but left for those that can not afford to buy bread or other essentials.  As no bread should go to waste.

You may also have seen a recent facebook picture of a shop offering free bread to those in need of it. Many stating that there is still kindness to be found in the World.

If you see bread lying on the ground you should pick it up and place it where it can not be stood on and say “Bismillah”.

While baking bread a baker will say “Bismillah” and again before placing the bread in the oven to bake.

Muhammad would eat bread and use it as an example of the simplicity of Islam and leading a religious life.  Bread represents the eternal life and the food required to feed the body.

Bread is Allah’s provision and is in abundance.  It is the giver and the gift of life.

A traveler on the mystic path

is content with a loaf of bread;

By its light he may be turned

towards the Light of God.


Bread is seen as one of the cheapest food sources and bread should never be wasted as one day you may be poor and be in need of bread and regret the waste of bread.

“Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.” ~ The Koran

In conclusion, never be seen to waste bread, always leave bread that you do not want for those that are in need of it.  Don’t throw bread or stand on bread as it is seen as a insult and waste.  Pick it up and place it somewhere blessing it by say “Bismillah”.

Respect the Importance of Bread in Turkey and never disrespect Bread, you can never predict the future and one day you may be in need of bread more than you ever expected!

Do you have any more facts about Bread in Turkey and Islam?  Please post them below in the comments.

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  1. 6th November 2012

    Janet Elsinor Reply

    love this site.

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  3. 12th October 2017

    Josh Reply

    It is fascinating, in all Middle Eastern culture bread has been seen as a blessing and direct act of sustenance from God. Even Jesus called himself the bread of life 🙂

    Anyway, love the blog.

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