Snow in Izmir 2012 | Winter in Turkey

We have just returned from our two week holiday in Dikili, Izmir visiting my Husbands parents and family.  It was a lovely visit especially as it was the first time our family met our little baby boy.

It had been our hope to catch a little early spring sunshine while staying there.  However it has been the worst winter in 30 years here in Turkey and most of the country has had very extreme weather and mostly snow, with some areas of Turkey seeing temperatures of -31 degrees.

Video of Dikili in the Snow.

We were not to escape the cold weather we had left behind in Sakarya instead we got to share in a historical moment for Izmir, when they had their first snow fall in 21 years.  It was great fun to see all the kids out playing in the snow and to see the beach covered in snow with a back drop of palm trees.


Cold as it was we had a great visit and I have some great articles up and coming from my trip about family life and the Dikili area and its history.  In the meantime check the Road Trip Article from our last trip home.

Have you been experiencing the snow in Turkey this year, I would love to hear your stories or have you had the chance to experience an historical moment first hand please tell us about it.  You can leave your stories and comments below.


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    When staying in Dikili we got to share in the first snow in 21 years in Izmir. Did anyone else enjoy the snow in…

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