Residents Permit for Turkey | Applying for a Residents Permit

A Residents Permit for Turkey allows you to remain in Turkey for longer than the normal 90 day Visitor Visa.

With the introduction of the new “90 within 180 day” visitor visa, the visa run to the Greek Islands has come to an end for many.  The newly priced Residents Permit is now the only alternative if you wish to stay in Turkey for longer than 90 days.

The Residents Permit for Turkey, does not allow you to work, if you wish to work in Turkey you must apply for a work permit.

The Residents Permit, is different to a Residents Visa, the Residents Visa is obtained before you come to Turkey via the Turkish Consulate and is normally only valid for 3 months and is only for a single entry into Turkey.

Your Resident’s Permit allows you reside in Turkey for a set period of time.  You may leave the country and return using the Resident’s Permit instead of purchasing a Visitor Visa.

You must apply for a 6 month permit on your first application, then after that you may purchase monthly if required.  Your passport must be valid for the duration of your stay.

It does not affect your UK privileges and should not affect your tax status in the UK .

Documents for Long Term Residents Visa

1 x Residency Statement, Ikamet form (available at the Nüfüs Department)
5 x passport sized photographs
Original passport with visa obtained on entering Turkey
Photocopy of the passport:

Photo Page
Page showing the last entry to Turkey
Page showing passport validity period

Your Turkish Tax Number (obtained from tax office)Copy of your Rental Agreement or Tapu (take original to show at office)
Bank Statement showing sufficient funds to cover period of stay (currently $500 per month)
The correct amount for payment including cost of Residents Book

You will also require if married to a Turkish Citizen and residing with them:

                A copy of your partners ID Card (Kimlik)

                Copy of your Marriage Book/Certificate (if in English must be translated and notarised)

                2 Passport photos of your Partner
note: if you are married to a Turkish Citizen you may not need proof of funds as your partner is assumed to be supporting your stay

To Renew your Residents Permit

You will require the same documents as above and your Blue Permit book (Ikamet).

It takes around two weeks for the Permit to be processed but may take longer.

If you are currently on a Visitors Visa please apply at least 2 to 3 weeks before your Visitors Visa is due to expire, you can not apply for a Residents Permit if your Visa is expired.

Be aware that every district requirements are different and may ask you for additional proof or information. 

How to apply

Take all the Documents as above to your local Yabancılar Şubesi or police station depending on district.

You may require a newspaper stating current exchange rate.

Your will be given a docket with amount to pay at the tax office

Once paid you will be given a receipt you then need to return to the Yabancılar Şubesi

Either the officer or you will fill out the Permit application and sign where appropriate.

Once all the documents are checked and forms are completed and checked they will be sent for processing and should be returned within 1 to 2 weeks.  (this may be longer due to public holidays)

You will be given a date to return and collect your Residents Permit Book.

Find out your Yabancı Kimlik Numarasi

Once you have your Residents Permit, you will be allocated what is called your Yabancı Kimlik Numarasi or Foreigner Identity Number .  To find out what your YKN number is visit enter your details and take a note of your personal YKN number.

Please remember every districts department has different requirements and it is hard to cover every eventuality, this is a basic guide on what you need and the processes.  Make sure to check with the Yabancılar Şubesi Office in your area to find out what their requirements are.

All the prices and processes are subject to change, I will do my best to update the article when changes are made, but please make sure to check all the details before making your application. (last updated Nov 2013)
Have you applied for your Residency Permit how did you find the process?  Do you have a question about your application?  Do you have any tips for your area that you would like to share?

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37 Responses to “Residents Permit for Turkey | Applying for a Residents Permit”

  1. 7th March 2012

    Justin Reply

    Hi, my wife and I just moved to Turkey and are getting ready to apply for our residents permit. However, we’re being told that we need original copies of our marriage license and birth certificates, which have to be translated into Turkish and notarized here. But I don’t see those on your list above. Any thoughts?

    • 8th March 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Justin, Thank You for your question. I was requested at my renewal last October for my Birth Certificate and I was told it was new procedure. I did a little research and asked about and no one was aware or been asked for their Birth Certificate so I left it out of my article, it must be new procedure. To translate and notarize my Birth Certificate it cost us about 100 Lira. Its not normal for them to ask for the Marriage Certificate if you are both foreign Nationals. You do require to show your Marriage Certificate if one of you is a Turkish National. However it’s not an exact science going for your Resident’s Permit and every district is different and they are never the same twice unfortunately. It’s better to go with what they ask and give them as much information as you can. Hope that helps a little. Let me know how it all goes. Kerry

  2. 8th March 2012

    Justin Reply

    That’s interesting. Two American couples here (Ankara) said their marriage licenses were required too. We unfortunately left all of that in the U.S., so we’re in a pinch to get it shipped over. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

  3. 10th April 2012

    Carol Reply

    Can you tell me if the funds required in your bank to show for a Residents Permit, is this per person so if you are a couple it is $1000 per month.

    • 10th April 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Carol

      Yes it is per person as the Residents Permit is issued to the individual. Hope that helps.


  4. 25th April 2012

    Justin Tapp Reply

    As a follow-up comment, my family just received our residency permits. (Americans living in Ankara.) We did not need a Turkish tax number or a rental agreement. We did need a translated birth certificate for my son and a translated marriage license for my wife and I. These didn’t need to be notarized, the translator’s stamp was enough. We did have a copy of a (foreign) bank statement showing sufficient funds.

    • 22nd August 2013

      Leigh Reply

      Did you get them translated in Turkey? Who provides this service and how long does it take?

      • 4th September 2013

        Kerry Arslan Reply

        You can find local translators in Turkey and can normally be done in a day they will also notarize any translations normally costs around 80 lira. Do double double check any translations we often find mistakes.

    • 31st December 2014

      Kim Reply

      What requirements did you need for your son along with his birth certificate translated??

  5. 16th July 2012

    Tara Nizam Reply

    Hi Kerry I have a question for you and hoping you can answer it for me. My husband is Turkish and I am English. I have been back and forth from England and Turkey for the last 5 years but as you are aware they have recently changed the visa rules. I would like to apply for residency but only proof we have is a print out from the nufus department and unfortunately for horrible reasons are unable to get a new copy or our , marriage book. I was wondering if you know if that would be enough proof it has been signed and officially stamped. My other question is I am 4 months pregnant and will be having our baby in England so will I have to apply for residency for my baby too?

    would be so greatful if you could help me

  6. 16th August 2012

    Kerry Arslan Reply

    Hi Tara

    Very sorry for the slow reply been on our holidays and I am only just getting back into my blogging again. I hope I can still help you.

    You can go to the Nufus and get proof of marriage can’t remember the name but we had to obtain one for a visa application as our marriage book was away for passports. Its just one page and gives the dates etc and proof of marriage. We also just contacted the office to see what we needed and what to do if we didn’t have an item and they guided us through the process.

    For your little one when you need you can take your birthcert to the nufus and register him I think their is a small fee and you will get a id card for him as he gets automatic citizenship because of his Dad. If you then apply for his british passport that is proof of his british citizenship giving him joint citizenship. Both are easy to organise.

    I hope that helps and makes sense any questions please message me. I will be checking in most days now.

  7. 22nd June 2013

    daniellehebert Reply

    do you know of anyone who would help me as a translator-facilitator to get through the process? I hear these people exist but I’m not sure how to find them.

    • 23rd June 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      I have not heard of anyone doing this, you could maybe ask on but to be honest the process is very simple, maybe someone in your area that has gone through the process already can help. If you message me at and let me know where you are I can maybe find someone in your area to help you out.


  8. 25th June 2013

    Grace Porter Reply

    Hi Kerry,
    Just wondering if living in the Bodrum/Gumbet area is it best to go to the police station or the Yabancilar Subesior ? Also myself and my friend are living in my friend’s parents house therfore we don’t have the TAPU and we don’t have a rental agreement is there anything else we can do to prove our address? Thank you in advance


    • 26th June 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Grace

      Not sure where is best to go in Bodrum and you could get your friends Parents to draw up a TAPU. The best place to ask is on or someone local will be able to help you out. The biggest issue we all have is every area is different on what their requirements are even if the basics are the same.

      Good Luck and if you don’t get any help from the two websites come back and I will see if any of my friends can help out.


  9. 26th June 2013

    Grace Reply

    Thanks Kerry. Hopefully I’ll get some information from either of the websites. Just seem to be coming up with conflicting information all the time.


  10. 12th August 2013

    Abzar Reply

    Hi Kerry,

    Thank you for your helpful blog.
    I have a bit more complicated case.

    My name is Abzar and I am Dutch. But my fiance is an Afghan immigrant living in Turkey.
    She has a resident permit which is quite limited ( it’s only for 6 months and every 6 months must be extended, she has to stay in the same city she is registered, she needs to report her present weekly at the police station, and she can’t travel in and out the country).

    I am in now in Turkey to marry her.
    I want to apply first for a resident permit for myself.
    1- She has no birth certificate ( does this cause problems by registering our marriage?)
    2- Can she change her status from resident permit she has into marriage resident permit.

    in short, what is the best action for us.
    To get her status changed and make her free in turkey and also in case she wants to travel with me to the Netherlands.

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

    • 4th September 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Abzar, I am not sure I best put to help you here as you are both foreign nationals. Yes she will need a birth certificate to prove she is of age to marry. I have not heard of a marriage resident permit, you are both non Turkish and therefore you residents permit is individual. Is she here as an asylum seeker it is unusual to be requested to not more and check in at the police? Maybe you would be better to consult a lawyer here. Sorry I can’t help more but I wish you both the best of luck and congratulations on your marriage xx

      You may want to check out there are many expat couples there that may know what to do regards the residents and marriage side. x

  11. 1st January 2014

    Joanne Reply

    Hi, this probably isn’t the correct bit to ask this question, but I’ll give it a go.
    My daughter has a Turkish ID card, as her father is Turkish. She only holds a British Passport, and we are due to travel to see family in May. This will be the 1st time we’ve done this since she obtained her ID card, so basically I want to know whether or not she will need to pay for the entry visa. I don’t want to not get one for her, and then have problems on arrival at the airport. When I emailed the Turkish Consulate about this, their response was ‘recommend Turkish Passport’ which doesn’t really help!

    • 1st January 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Joanne, You just need her UK Passport and ID card this it what I do with my son, this year coming back in to Turkey, I went down the UK passport control side, but you can also use the Turkish Passport control side. Just make sure to carry a copy of her Birth certificate, more so for the UK side, I got told by passport control on my arrival that I should carry I copy which I did have with me.

      Remember if you are traveling after the 14th of April you will need to apply for your Visitor Visa online before traveling. Hope you all a lovely trip to Turkey.

  12. 25th January 2014

    Lauren Robinson Reply

    Hi ,
    im just wondering if you can help me with acouple of queries I have.
    me, my partner and 3 children are looking to move to turkey my 2 daughters father is turkish to whom I am still legally married to but he lives here in the uk where would this put myself and daughters regarding visa, residency etc

    many thanks


  13. 3rd February 2014

    Gillian Gachomo Reply

    Hi kerry,

    I would be grateful if you could kindly advise me on my query. Am a Kenyan and my partner is German, he is in process of getting his work permit and residence permit after which he will “sponsor” me if this is the word or rather we need to get a residence permit sorted for me.

    What would be the process for this, am not looking for work at the moment.

    Your advise will be appreciated.

    Much thanks

  14. 31st March 2014

    Kay Reply

    Hello Kerry!
    I am Kenyan too (hey Gillian :)). My Turkish partner is responsible for all my financial needs at the moment, and I would like to know what bank statements to present when applying for my residence permit. Would I just take his, or have my own account? Should the money be in Lira or USD?
    Looking forward to your response



    • 31st March 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Kay, I assume you are not married. If you are not married your husband can actually go to the notary and get a document that states he is responsible for your financial needs. I don’t remember the name of the document at this time. Otherwise you need to show all bank statements in your name, that show you have the correct amount of money to support you for the duration of your permit and any other financial info like pensions, savings and wages.

      These must be translated into Turkish and notarized, the money can be in Lira or USD as long as it’s the correct amount or showing evidence of regular income.

      Hope that helps.


  15. 14th April 2014

    timclaire Reply


    My family and I (2 adults & 4 children) are looking to rent long-term before we commit to Turkey. We are all British citizens

    My children are 14, 10, 9 & 3

    My question is how is the best way to get a residents permit in Turkey, My children would have to go to school, would the officials need any documents to get them into school.

    My wife and I own a successful internet company, formed in the UK. Would this be an issue?

    Thanks & any info would be great

    • 15th April 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Timclaire

      Thanks for your message, you will need to provide a report for I think the last year of the school for each of school age to show what standard they are at. It will also depend if you decide on a private or government school the private schools may require different information. If your children are not fluent in Turkish they may be required to drop down a year so they can learn the language and be aware most government schools will not provide extra tution to help your children learn Turkish, it would best before coming here to start learning the language either with a Tutor in the UK or using tools such as kids programs online, listening to music and online courses.

      The residents permit system has just changed and I will be putting up some more information on it in the next week or so once I see how things are working out here as Turkish paper work changes never go smoothly, you are now required to apply at the Turkish Embassy in London before travelling to Turkey for your residents permit and you must now renew your permit every year, each child will also require a permit.

      Regards your business, I see no reason as it will be registered in the UK but send me a private email and I will put you in touch with someone who should be able to help you with this and make sure everything is in order. Also do feel free to add me on facebook or message me any time always happy to help best I can.


  16. 22nd April 2014

    Sheralyn Miller Reply

    Hi kerry.

    I have just got married to my turkish husband today in turkey. As I understand I need to get my surname changed on my residency visa which can easily be done as I live in turkey now. But how do I go about changing my name on my passport, drivers license and bank accounts in the UK whilst living in turkey? im also looking at going back to the uk for 2 weeks in may will I have any problems as my passport is obviously still in my maiden name.

    many thanks for any help you can give me in advance

    • 26th April 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      He Sheralyn, you don’t need to change your UK paper work all mine is still in my maiden name as for your blue book, I am not sure how that works at the moment with all the new procedures in place. It used to be you took along your blue book, marriage book, your husbands id and I think you may need a couple of pictures and you get charged a small fee. At the moment though they are changing the system so you may be better to go along to your local office and ask them what the procedure is.

      Don’t worry about your permit and passport in different names as I said above my passport and permit where in different names and I never had a problem.

  17. 26th June 2014

    Dina Reply

    Hi Kerry,

    Thank you for very informative blog. I have enjoyed reading it.

    I have a question about residence permit or visa (not even sure which one i need).

    I will be moving from London to Istanbul to join my Turkish/Kurdish husband I have 2 nationalities British and Russian, so does my 8 year old daughter. We also have a baby on the way due to be born next month. I will have it in London and get baby’s British passport first. Could you please advise me if I should apply for residency visa in Turkish consulate in London for me and 2 kids before we leave uk? Or should we all enter on British passports with visitor visa that they stick in your passport at the airport and then apply for residence permits for the 3 of us in Istanbul?

    On a personal note, I can see some resemblance in our lives and even your husband looks like he could be my husband’s brother 🙂

    Hope all is well in your life.

  18. 6th August 2014

    Faten Reply

    Hi, Kerry.

    Your blog is very useful – thank you for taking the time to posts answers to so many questions!
    I have a friend that recently married a Turkish resident (but not yet a citizen). He seems to think that this will facilitate residency and a work permit for him, and that he will be eligible for Turkish citizenship in three years. Does that sound correct to you?


  19. 17th November 2014

    Fadi Reply

    Hello, I am frome Lebanon . I have Turkish ID ,but my birth in turkey is different than Lebanese ID ,I want to change Turkish ID . Can I

    • 22nd November 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Fadi, sorry I am not sure and I don’t fully understand what you wish to do. The best thing would be to contact the Turkish Consulate they should be able to help. I would think if I understand you correctly you should be able to change your card.

  20. 8th February 2015

    santasbiblioteka Reply

    Hi! I do have a question as well, would be happy if u could answer 🙂
    I have married Turkish citizen and as I understood I have to take his surname so I cant keep my maiden name. İs it so? In this case what about aplying for a reasidence permit if its my maiden name in the passport and husband,s surname in my marriage certificate? Do I have to go back to my country to change the passport or I can apply with the same passport on my maiden name?

    • 23rd February 2015

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi the only place I have my married name is my marriage book and my kimlik. I applied with my marriage book and my passport in my maiden name for my residents permit and never had an issue. Many girls don’t change their names either.

  21. 6th March 2015

    Gill Guler Reply

    Hi, yes i also did the same as you Kerry, i think it depends on who you see and what day they are having. Some days they make up there own rules for a bit of extra cash. And also if the face fits.
    Just SMILE AND HAVE SOME chay.

  22. 4th May 2017

    iResidence Reply

    The questions never end about residence permit and costs WhatsApp +90 530 113-0728 or visit

  23. 12th May 2017

    iResidence Reply

    Get the latest updates and fee

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