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Home Sickness is something I have never had before and I hadn’t given it a thought when I considered moving to Turkey. When ever I have spent time away from home I have always had the knowledge that I would return soon, there is no point in traveling if you constantly pine for home.

Leaving my home to move to Turkey was probably one of the most conflicting times of emotion for me. In one hand I desperately wanted to be with my Husband and I was looking forward to starting my life in Turkey, setting up our home and also having my own home.

On the other side of the coin, I didn’t want to leave behind those I loved my parents and my animals, what was familiar to me and the security that home gave me. Just knowing that I had to make the decision to either rent out my home or to enlist the help of somewhere like The Buy Guys, (learn here for more) to sell my home for cash was just too much to bear. As devastating as it was, I have to make the decision one way or another. Another part of me was also extremely nervous about the future and being a house wife and living in another country.

The week before I left had to be the hardest of my life so far with all these emotions bubbling around inside me. Eating was not the best thing and my insides were churning for days. Then a point hit me while I was on the plane and I realised I was on my way and my body and emotions started to relax slightly at the thought of the adventure about to start. On seeing my Husband all the issues and anxieties I had, had left me and I found some peace again.

The weeks following where full of things to organise and do leaving little thinking time and down time to allow the mind to wander.

I think this is something everyone feels at times when they are living away from home and that is Home Sickness. There are days when a cuddle from my dog or just to play with my cat is a longing or just to sit and watch endless cooking programs with my Mum or bend my Dads ear for a few hours is something you miss and long for.

For my Husband it is hard for him, he realises I am missing my family and pets, he feels that it means that I would rather be there than here, that I am maybe not happy here. But that is the wrong assumption because to leave here would be just as hard. Also now we are finally together for good after many years and that where ever he is or I am we will always be together be it in Turkey, Scotland or any where else in the world.

To be able to have everyone one I love in one place is a dream for the moment but I hope that one day, I will be able to have my family, all of them together in one country at least.

They say home is where you heart is, I wonder if that person thought about when home is more than one place.


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3 Responses to “Moving to Turkey | Home Sickness”

  1. 22nd October 2010

    Brianj Reply

    your’e family is always with you, miles can’t separate us

  2. 11th April 2014

    Sue Pellegrino Reply

    I feel for you but as the years go on it does get better I found. The emptiness of home sickness is a sad journey. Throwing myself into Turkish life helped a lot and I was blessed with some great friends and family.

    • 12th April 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      I think you do get better at dealing with it and ignoring those twinges of homesickness, it does help if you have a full life here in Turkey.

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