What I Miss from Turkey!

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Being back in Scotland is great, seeing friends and family and being around things that are more familiar and it has also made me realise that I do miss my home and life in Turkey and I just had to write an article on things I miss and find odd about being back home so here they are:

kissing on check in turkeyKissing people on the cheeks, is one thing I find myself having to stop myself doing when I meet friends.

Not taking your shoes off at the door, I now find shoesit very strange being in the home with my shoes on, its not so bad in my own home as I take them off when I come in, but when I go into a friends house I find myself itching to take my shoes off.

queuingPeople queuing and not trying to barge in front of you and waiting their turn is certainly a nice change, from having to hold your ground and give the evil eye to anyone who thinks they can jump in front just because they have one item or think because they are older they can get in front of you.

importanceofbreadinturkeyFresh daily bread, I am really missing Turkish bread and can’t get used to the floppy rectangles of brown or white that are meant to be bread!

Child friendly nearly every where, people in the UK seemed to be very anti kids, this may just be my perception but in Turkey you don’t need to look for a “child friendly” restaurant or child friendly places to go that don’t cost a fortune.

dolmusDolmus, I miss the dolmus when I am home to jump on and off and don’t cost you a fortune to use. If I want to get out of my town via a bus I have to wait for ages and it costs me a small fortune to use, thank goodness we have a car.

The Markets, now I know in England there are markets but in Scotland we don’t have them or if we do they are farmers Markets and you need a bank loan just to shop at them. I miss the lovely fresh fruit and veg you get and just the fun of being at Market and meeting the neighbours for a chat. market

I also miss the sounds of my street, the Eskici shouting for all the scrap and then the fruit and veg sellers and household goods sellers, cayalong with the noise of the kids playing in the streets in the evening and the tinkling of the tea spoons against the tea glasses.

Scotland will always be my homeland, but Turkey is also now very much my home and I really do look forward to getting back home.  I also have a better appreciation of all the little things that make up life in Turkey. And the last but certainly not least I also miss my Hubby, I missthe sound of the door bell when he comes home from work and my little boy saying ‘Hi’ as he walks in the door.IMG_0941


What do you miss about Turkey when you go back home?



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6 Responses to “What I Miss from Turkey!”

  1. On my recent trip back to Istanbul, I realized I also miss the simple double kissing on the cheeks with my friends, the lovely Bosphorus, the skyline of the Sultanahmet/Eminonu area, the pazars and so much more. I miss the cay that gets offered to you at every shop along the way. We carried the shoe-taking-off tradition to Warsaw – you keep a much cleaner apartment that way!

    Enjoy your trip! I’m sure your family is happy to see you and your son! 🙂

    • 18th October 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Your making me miss home Joy! xx Hope Warsaw is making a special place in your heart to!

  2. 9th October 2013

    Maria Regina Pring Reply

    Hi Kerry,

    Since I had a relationship with my turkish man I started browse in the net and try to have information about his country , culture, beliefs and everything till I come across reading your blog. I am not suppose to write or give a comment on you coz I dont have anyone to talk to regarding how does turkish men value , respect or love their woman. as of my present situation it really breaks my heart that my bf would like to end the relationship bec of work. He says he cannot give what a bf suppossed to do with his gf. telling me I’m a good person and there is no problem in me its just that he is blaming himself coz he never been good to me, he choices to focus work over me does it mean he never love me? Hope to hear from you coz you had a great experience with your hubby truely your nice couple.


    • 18th October 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Maria

      Turkish Men are very proud and maybe he feels he can’t look after you and this is worrying him. My hubby often worries he doesn’t earn enough money for us and I tell him that we have each other, a roof over our heads and food on the table. What more do I need!!

      It won’t mean he doesn’t love you but maybe you have to let him go his own way for a little while. As they say if its meant to be it will be.

      Good Luck Maria x

  3. 12th October 2013

    Carry My Style Reply

    Great post. Especially for someone like me, who comes from Denmark, have lived in England and have plans of settling in Turkey for a long time…:) Then it is great to read this, because then I can imagine that I may not miss that much after all – except from family and friends..
    And I have just found you blog – very interesting blog:)

    • 18th October 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Glad you won’t miss to much, I think if you are happy and settled you often don’t miss things apart from the important people in your life x Glad you like the blog

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