Lost in Translation | A Trip to the Dentist

Last week I was suffering from toothache, and having already had one tooth removed since moving to Turkey, I wasn’t looking forward to going to the dentist. But it was something that I really had to do though as I was in so much pain. I just wanted to know what was going on. So, with a bit of hesitation, I made an appointment with an emergency dentist to see if we could find out what was going on. As I said, it was something that had to be done and so off I went with my trusted translator the Hubby!

I had already had one tooth removed which I knew was going to have to go someday due to the huge cavity and it came out easily with the minimal amount of pain and fuss. However this time I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

My dentist here in Turkey is a lovely lady with a little English, I am still to get used to the double chairs in the surgery for two patients to be seen in the same room and the door being left open but apart from that it’s just like going to the dentist in the UK and I imagine very similar to US dentists like Durham Dental General Dentistry in Beaufort, SC. Having done a brief stint as a trainee dental nurse I am familiar with what happens and have very little fear of the dentist.

After a quick check at my teeth I was told my wisdom tooth or 20 year old tooth as they are known in Turkey was trying to come in but there wasn’t enough room and a tooth or two would be required to be removed. Yikes I thought not another tooth, to which I quickly enquire to my faithful translator, to be told there would be two teeth needing removed by an oms surgery doctor and I would have to wait for a few days while I take some antibiotics.

It was a long week waiting on Saturday at 2:30pm to arrive to have the two teeth removed. I had decided during that time I would prefer to have one removed and see how it goes. On the way to the dentist I express this wish to the my faithful translator at which point he looked at me funnily and said you are only getting one removed what are you talking about! With a little relief I told him that I thought he had said two teeth but happy that it would be just the one tooth.

Happy as I was I knew getting the one molar removed to make way for my wisdom tooth would be sore but never-less quick. I settled into the dentist chair bracing myself for the worst, the anaesthetic was applied and I was given a few moments to wait while it took affect. I was asked if I could feel my lip and gum etc no it was fine, so my dentist got started.


That hurt way to much, so more anaesthetic was applied and by this time I was shaking a little and feel a lot less confident that I had a few moments ago. My Hubby said to the Dentist he was worried about my shaking and the next thing I knew I had a wad of cloth with and hefty dash of cologne stuck under my nose, now I couldn’t breath did they want me to pass out or was this to revive me I am still unsure!

Tell them shakily just to get the tooth out quickly, feel I had a little bit of déjà vu from the recent birth of my child, the dentist proceeded. Now this is were I wished I had kept my eyes shut the scalpel came out, oh goodness I thought (polite version!) where is she going with that, looking at my faithful translator trying to communicate with my eyes I am told she is only going to cut your gum arghhhhhh!

Well after much pushing and pulling the tooth was out my mouth now jammed full of wadding and me shaking like a jelly.

A few hours later when I was brave enough o have proper look I realised that it wasn’t just a little molar but the wisdom tooth which had still been nice and comfy under my gum!

Telling the Hubby about my findings he replied casually yes that’s what I told you would be removed. I have now sacked my faithfully translator and will be doing the dentistry for the whole family from now on as I am sure I couldn’t do much worse.

Though I am still trying to decide if it was better that I hadn’t known which tooth was to be removed or if I would rather have known in advance….

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3 Responses to “Lost in Translation | A Trip to the Dentist”

  1. 6th December 2011

    EarthLaughsInFlowers Reply

    Lost in Translation | A Trip to the Dentist | Earth Laughs In Flowers http://t.co/89zFMkqp

  2. 8th December 2011

    Carole Reply

    OMG I hate the dentist here in the UK, I don’t think I could even contemplate going to one in Turkey. They are not big at explaining procedures when you go to the hospital so I’m sure they are just as bad in the dentist! As you say even with your trusted translator, (the hubby), I have one too, it can all get lost in translation.
    Well done for being so brave! xx

    • 11th December 2011

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Thanks Carole, certainly didn’t get much explained to me, still trying to work out if thats better or worse!

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