Living in Turkey| A Village within a City

Living in Turkey makes everyday interesting and living in a City here isn’t alway what it seems.  Take my little tour of our Village within a City

We live in a City called Adapazarı, in Sakarya.  The area of the city that we live in was once a village sitting on the outskirts of Adapazarı, which has now almost been totally absorb by the city.

A view from our Balcony looking out towards the city and the mountains beyond.

Small village homes have been replaced by large apartment blocks and farm land has disappeared to create more space for the ever growing population.  Everyday you will find a corner or field being built on for more new apartments.

View looking out towards the surrounding streets and countryside in the distance

The village has gone or so it looks, but if you look closer you will soon realise the village is still here.  As the saying goes “You can take the Villagers out of the Village, but you can’t take the Village out of the Villagers”

A Village Street not yet taken over by the City

Looking over one of the fields that you find in between the houses

A short walk around our area of Adapazaı soon reveals that we are indeed living in the village and not in the city.  You will find many signs around our area that you are not really living in the city.

You often find farm machinery trailers and tractors parked outside of apartments


Some forgotten Farm Equipment

Those that no longer have fields or gardens to grow vegetables and fruit turn what spaces they have into gardens, you will find little plots tucked away between apartment blocks, in containers arranged outside of the front door or on a balcony or a verge or little plot of land taken over for growing food.  It is something I  love here, the way Turkish people make use of land or any available space for food rather than  flowers like we do in the UK.

One of the many Garden Patches you find

I love taking a walk around our area as you never know what you might find.   While out on a walk recently we seen a man out walking his Turkeys, yes a Man Walking his Turkeys in Turkey!  I nearly missed them though as they ran down the road to go scratch around in a little grassy area.

I love living in a Village within a City you never know what you are going to find and what may happen.  I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of our home.

What funny things have you seen and found in Turkey? Please Leave a Comment


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  1. 9th October 2012

    Ruth Greig Reply

    Good work Kerry. I love the photos.

  2. 2nd March 2016

    cheeks78 Reply

    Kerry i have just discovered your blog and I’ve been reading it all. I’m enjoying it so much I love reading about your life very interesting!

    Kelly x

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