Learn Turkish Challenge | Week 1

It is the end of my first week of my Learn Turkish Challenge and I have been speaking only Turkish, apart from any essential conversations.

I feel like someone on a diet, but instead of craving chocolate I am craving speaking the English Language.  I have found myself hanging out on facebook a little bit too much saying to myself I am doing this for my blog and I must answer this person and so on.  I have slipped into English with my little boy but normally it is when he is doing something he shouldn’t and “Hayir” just doesn’t seem to have the same impact as “NO!”

However apart from these slips I am feeling very proud of myself, speaking Turkish all the time has really improved my Turkish already with just one week.  I feel more confident and my husband is understanding me without having to ask me too many questions to find out what I am saying.  I am able to understand most of what he is saying back so I would say we are communicating.

I’ve heard a lot this week about Grammar, learning Sentence Structure, endings and about past tense.

These are all important but the first stage of Speak from Day 1 is as it says you must begin speaking Turkish from Day 1.

The reason behind this is most people get caught up in learning the language structure and never move onto speaking Turkish as the fear of getting it right and making mistakes kick in.

By speaking Turkish from Day 1 using a simple phrase book, some body language, pointing and gesturing you will being to learn.  This helps you begin at the right point by communicating, which is the point of learning a language so you can communicate.

Once you have began communicating and you realise it’s not that hard and that you can get people to understand you, you can start learning about Grammar and Language structure.

You will have better understanding of why something happens, why that ending or why that word because you are using the language and it becomes fun to learn and it takes the fear factor away.

There is no magic button to Learning Turkish and you must have the “Need” to Learn Turkish and you have to work hard.  First by Speaking and surrounding yourself in Turkish be it in Turkey or outside of Turkey.  The Next is to study learning blocks of words and reading up on the language.  It should become a hobby or even an obsession.  By doing this you will learn quickly and easily.

I have struggled for 7 years to learn, I have read and studied I have done everything imaginable to learn Turkish apart from Speaking Turkish.  I have learnt more in my first week than I have done in the entire 7 years.  What I also notice is I am understand what grammar I have studied and I am excited to get studying more in order to learn more.

I also feel great about myself I am achieving something I thought I couldn’t.  I am more confident and I feel that not matter the situation am thrown into I will manage to speak Turkish and I am already planning what my next language is going to be after I master Turkish, maybe Kurdish or I might go back and learn German that I so badly learned in School.

So come and Join me on my Challenge to Learn Turkish in 3 months.

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  1. 23rd October 2012

    Kirstie Yemm Reply

    Well done Kerry – keep up the good work!! 🙂

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