Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

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Is it safe to travel to Turkey, with the current unrest and conflict in Kobane? Well in short yes, it is safe to travel to Turkey.

I feel like I am forever answering this question on Turkey it seems Turkey is forever in the news but always for the wrong things and it makes you the traveler or the expat living here uneasy and question your security within the country.

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Janeyinmersin wrote last week about her thoughts on is it safe to travel to Turkey, and she got a little upset about the fact. Her opinion is, yes you are perfectly safe to Travel to Turkey just stay away from the areas in the east near to the conflict.

Turkey Today by Janeyinmersin

This is also the advice of most embassies at the moment.

But you have perhaps read about last weeks protest and the deaths and violence involved, well Turkey isn’t the only country suffering protests and the subject matter is a heated one with old and new issues combining to make a very flammable protest and are confined to areas where most of you reading this would never venture to.

Like Janeyinmersin I won’t get into the political facts and historical problems, I am no political commentator.

Wondering myself what the current feelings on the ground are I posed the question to you my readers about your thoughts on how you feel about safety in Turkey and overall I go a resounding agreement that you feel safe living and traveling in Turkey despite the current issues and you still feel safer in Turkey than you do in the UK.

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I have also talked with my friends here in Turkey and here I found a common thread, though no one feels immediate threat or worried even those living in the east of Turkey, I have found many are making plans to leave if things do turn sour. Why you may ask? When you live in a foreign country far from home and conflict starts in or near that country, it is wise to have an escape route just as you should if a fire or earthquake happens. The likelihood is it will never happen, but you never know what the future holds so its always better to be prepared than caught on the hop!

Also I have been talking with my Turkish friends and relatives and my husband, and they are more than confident in the massive Turkish army, including all those that have done national service, it makes an army of 2 million soldiers who will be called to fight if they are needed. The current numbers in ISIS is 30,000 and Turkey itself is confident that they will not attack.

Then there is the question of the PKK, well that issue is always there the peace talks continue and we can but hope peace will prevail but at the moment, we may from time see some unrest.

So overall the feeling and mood about Is Turkey safe to travel to, is a positive yes, any resort you may visit is 12 hours or more from the border and conflict. If you are planning a trip to the east do so with care, check with travel agents and embassies, though certainly it is still safe in most of the eastern regions, Pat from Turkey from the Inside is currently in the area very close to Kobane and has had no issues.

I will keep you up to date, you will all be the first to know if life changes here none of us bloggers would ever tell you to come if you could be endangered. So book your holiday and come see this wonderful country, meet the friendly people and enjoy amazing food. Turkey is a country full of history and many beauties and it would be shame if you missed it because of media hype and mis-information.

Turkey is safe to travel to. I hope to see you here.

Let me know your thoughts, do you feel safe travelling to Turkey are you living here how do you feel about the current situations?

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