Houses of Adapazari

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Walking around Adapazari you would be right in thinking a lot of the buildings are new and the city centre has very little old character.  Its hard to find any of the past in the mains streets.

The main reason behind this is because in 1999 Adapazari was one of the cities hit buy the terrible earthquake that killed thousands and damage and destroyed many buildings.  Though there are few signs of what happened that year, the city itself is just recovering from that terrible day.


But if you take a walk around the back streets of Adapazari and move away from the newly built areas you will start to see the old character of the city and where the villages used to begin before the city overtook them.

Most of the old houses are falling down and yet people still live in them.

Every now and again you will come across and old style house that has been refurbished.

Many of the older houses still have lovely garden space which you miss living in apartment blocks.

Adapazari is one of those cities that you should not judge it by it’s cover but take a little time to explore and you will be amazed at what you find.

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3 Responses to “Houses of Adapazari”

  1. 18th October 2013

    DTD Reply

    And many of those old homes once belonged to Armenians, including my family, before they were disposessed of them and everything else, then killed by the Turks. Maybe you ought to mention that, eh? Dig up the dirt of Adapazar, and you shall find the bones of my people, including my great-grandfather. Inspite of that terrible fact, Adapazar is still beautiful-it is my birthright. I wonder if I can sue your government and get back all the land, the house, etc. that were wrongfully taken away in the first place. Until your country, your people, and your government owe up for what you have done to the Armenians, Turkey will always be the “Sick Man of Europe”. The Armenians and the Greeks were the backbone of Turkey, and once you murdered them both and drove the rest out of your country, it went to hell. It is sad that to this day Turkish youth are kept in the dark about the atrocities committed by their forebearers. Listening to the horror stories of the genocide from my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends, there is no way this could ever be made up. Before it was Turkey, it was Armenia, and try as they might, they cannot erase us from the very fabric of the country and its history. Adapazar is in my blood; the Sakarya river, Lake Sapanca, the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Mediterranean run through my veins. The Turks were the aggressors who murdered, raped and destroyed the Armenians, burned our churches, made us suffer for centuries through persecution. We wanted to live in peace, but we had to defend ourselves as well. Just a little something you should know. I wish you no ill will.

  2. 3rd August 2016

    jim Manoukian Reply

    i was just trying to see if any Armenian still live in Adapazarri,and stumbled to this comment.
    just to keep it shorrt my late father was born and lived there untill the time of deportation,
    and he was the only survivor.

    • 3rd August 2016

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Jim, we never met any in Adapazari but that is not to say there are not Armenians still living there. My husband informs me he knows of some in Van, which is in the far east of Turkey. He also thinks if there are any left in Adapazari they would not openly share they are Armenian and would mostly like be converted to Islam also. Not sure if that is of any help to you. What a dreadful time for your Father to live through, I am glad he survived. His story must be interesting yet terribly sad. I hope someone finds your message here that has more knowledge for you.

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