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The Hospital I am attending in Adapazari

In the short time I have lived in Turkey I have been inside more hospitals than I have in my lifetime.  Mainly due to the birth of our son, but currently I am dealing with a medical issue which is nothing serious but requires me to attend hospital.

We started out at the private hospital that we used for the birth of our son.   I have a great relationship with my Doctor there and felt at ease when I required some tests.  However the treatment I require is not cheap through the private hospital which means I need to attend the local Government hospital.

It can be a bit scary attending hospital in a foreign country as you don’t know what to expect, is it going to be clean, will they have the latest equipment, techniques and so on.

Firstly when attending hospital here in Turkey you won’t have long waiting times to get an appointment you can turn up on the day or the preferred method is to book your appointment online.  You can normal get an appointment for most minor ailments, pre natal and consultations almost immediately or at least within a two week period.

On the day of your appointment, be prepared for a wait you will be lucky if you get seen on time but we have only ever had to wait at most 45 minutes.  Overall I have found the hospital we are attending clean and modern.  I’ve also been in another two hospitals in Turkey and they were also very clean.

However you won’t find quiet corridors with nurses in starched linen gliding around silently.  You will find queues if you can call them that, of people waiting at a door in a corridor.  Here you have to be a little pushy, thankfully my husband does that for me.  But people will just push in front of you if you don’t make it clear to the nurses you are there.  It’s not like the UK where they will call your name and wait for you in an orderly fashion.

The Hospital is set in a lovely area

So far I have found the nurses are friendly and most Doctors do speak some English.  It’s a matter if they decide to use it or not.  My current Doctor is either being a little rude or shy with the Yabanci, however the consultant is very good.

Paperwork and tests are dealt with slightly different here in Turkey. Don’t expect the Doctor or Nurses to file away your paper work and deliver your test results be it if you’ve peed in a cup or had blood tests.  It is your responsibility to take them to the correct place to get tested.  You will be expected to take your paperwork to the secretaries for filing and completion and to pay any dues owed.

To get your results you will be told when they will be ready and you will be given a sticker with your number on and you check for your results online, you then take these results to your doctor and be told what the next steps are.

It means a bit of leg work, but the interesting thing is it gets things done quicker, you can get blood results by the next day, lab tests are done within a fortnight and depending on what treatment you need it is organised and handled quickly.  The haphazard feel of the hospital with what seems a crazy system works well and so far I have had a good standard of treatment.

Overall the standard of health care I have experienced since coming to live in Turkey has been reasonably high.  The health centre where we take baby for his check up’s and jabs and to visit the doctor is free and organised and friendly.  The hospitals are clean modern and staff is helpful. For me the care and efficiency is better than what I have received in UK.

What is your experience of Health Care in Turkey? Please share your experiences.

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6 Responses to “Hospitals in Turkey | Health Care in Turkey”

  1. 15th May 2012

    Sarah Johnstone Reply

    Thanks for sharing I am due to go for a hospital appointment and was wondering what would happen, this has helped me relax a little.

    • 15th May 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      So glad that my article has helped a little Sarah. Hope your appointment goes well. Kerry

  2. 18th May 2012

    carole Reply

    The best hospital experience I had was in a private hospital in Aydin when I had a heart infection, the staff were lovely and efficient and I couldn’t fault them.
    As a nurse myself working for many years in the NHS in the UK, I find the standard of nursing care appalling in the government hospital in Kusadasi where I lived for 3 years. The nurses were scruffy, abrupt, uncaring, rough and just generally unpleasant whenever I had the misfortune to go there.
    I thought that I might try to work there as a nurse but having been on the receiving end of their “care” I think not.
    Unfortunately private hospitals are very expensive and I only went there because I needed a cardiologist at the time.
    Maybe, hopefully, it’s just isolated to Kusadasi and not all nurses are like that everywhere.

    • 21st May 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Carole

      Its horrible when you go to hospital not feeling your best or worried and the nurses are harsh. I wonder if they would have treated a Turkish person in that manner. I certain prefer the private hospital over the government hospital. However it is a good standard and that I am glad of.

      Kerry xx

  3. 21st March 2013

    Behnoush Reply

    Hi kerry;
    My name is behnoush.I’m so glad to find your useful blog.I’m 6weeks pregnant & need some help to find the best doctor & hospital in istanbul for cheking up and do required tests in pregnancy i see you recommended private hospital ,would u please give me a figure about the cost in private hospital .Obviously it’s expensive but I need a comparison with the facilities & services .

  4. 1st October 2013

    Kelly Reply

    Good review in this article.
    In recent times, our government local hospital has introduced an online appointment system. It is SO convenient. You just go on line, choose the specialist that you need to see and book at appointment time (can be same day or next day). You turn up 15 minutes before your appointment time and then your name comes up on the specialist’s office door and in you go, past all the crowds who haven’t yet caught on to this super-convenient scheme. I hope they never learn of it – hehe 🙂

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