Earthquakes in Turkey

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Quoting a well know phrase from the papers “Earthquakes in Turkey, happen everyday here” and The other night while sitting at the dinner table my husband looked at me with wide eyes and asked if I was shaking the table.  I replied no are you? No he said.

Slowly we realised what was happening, was an earthquake and that it was not just the table that was shaking.

izmit earthquake

It is only the second earthquake I have had the opportunity to experience but still the thrill of fear went up mine spine.  My mind started racing through all the things we should be doing, finding a strong point in the house to stand or trying to get outside.

But instead we both just sat there looking horrified.  Now the last time I felt an earthquake I was with my husband and this exact same reaction crept over us while other people ran outside and stood away from buildings etc

When the shaking stopped I suggested we check to see what the other residents of our street were doing.  No one was doing anything not even a scream or movement.

We decided to go back to what we were doing and try to relax again.  Upon speaking with the neighbours we discovered these little shakes are normal round here and quoting our neighbour “you get used to them”…….

Turkey is littered with fault lines and from the seismology website you will see there are small earthquakes in Turkey every few hours and every few days there will be one that reaches more than 3.5 on the richer scale and then you will get the pleasure of feeling the movement of the earth.

The one we felt was in the Marmara Sea and was around 4.0 magnitude.  We live in Sakarya which was hit in 1999 by a sever earthquake, the centre being in Izmit and was 7.6 magnitude it last 37 seconds and killed around 17 thousand people and left over half a million people homeless, the area is still recovering though unless you were aware of the earthquake, now you would not know that such devastation had hit the area.

It is also an inevitability that a massive earthquake will hit Istanbul within the next few years when exactly they are not sure and this little tremor in the Marmara Sea also shook Istanbul and started a fresh round of news items regarding the earthquake that will hit this major city.  It is thought that many thousand could be killed and millions of pounds in damage will be caused.

However fore warned is fore armed and the government and municipality of Istanbul have put in place many strategies and they have regular conferences and seminars on what will happen, what should happen when it strikes and what the aftermath will be like.

I have no doubt in my mind that in Adapazari and the surrounding areas will also feel this pending earthquake and may also be affected.

It remains to be said that it is something when living in Turkey you should be prepared for earthquakes in Turkey and to be organised for, but I will also say this.  Never live your life in fear of an earthquake, for you are more likely to be hit by a bus than be in an earthquake.

Follow this link to view pictures of the devestation left behind after the 1999 Izmit Earthquake,


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2 Responses to “Earthquakes in Turkey”

  1. 22nd February 2011

    carole Reply

    We have quite a few tremors here in Kusadasi, but I still just sit there wondering what is was I felt! My husband, Hasan, is instantly on his feet and out the door, looking at me in disbelief!
    We had a big one on Friday morning, (18th Feb), felt big, but didn’t register more than 3.1.
    I am getting used to them and you’re right you are more likely to be run over by a car here, especially here!!!

    • 26th February 2011

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Kusadasi certainly seems a hot spot, I have a look now again online to see whats happening and often see Kusadasi and surrounding areas mentioned. We have been lucky and have none since the one we felt last year. But my heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch New Zealand. You can never imagine the chaos an earthquake can cause. I hope never to experience one like that.

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