e-Visa Turkey | Holiday visa for Turkey

You can now buy your Turkish Tourist Visa Online with e-visa Turkey and save time having to stand in hot line after your flight to get your Visa Stamp.evisa

Important:  You are now required to purchase your e-visa before travel, as of the start of 2015 most airports have now phased out visa purchase on arrival.

If you are regular visitor to Turkey you most likely have already enjoyed getting off a busy holiday flight and having to stand in line while the inexperienced and unprepared fumble around to get out their passports and find their £10 sterling before they hand them over to an unsmiling attendant to get the visa stamp placed in their passport.

Well wait no more, you can now apply online before you travel saving you having to wait in long queues and jump straight to passport control and onto getting your luggage and your holiday started faster.

Beware however that this time saving option will mean you paying around $20 instead of the normal £10 sterling and works out costly if you are travelling in a group, you may also be charge by foreign currency charge by your bank or credit card.

However if you do value your time and think it is worth the extra charge then this is how you go about getting your online Turkish Tourist Visa.

Some guidelines on the Turkish e-Visa

  • Each online visa Costs $20
  • You must apply per person and you can’t not apply for a group of people. Which means if you have a group of 4 you must go through the process 4 times.
  • Payment is taken in US Dollars and must be paid using either a debit or credit card. Beware of Bank Charges.
  • The Visa will be valid for 90 days within a 180 days and for multiple entries within the 180 day period, for more information on 90 days within a 180 days see this article Visitor Visa Turkey | 90 within 180 day Tourist Visa
  • Visa can be purchase for any 6 months in the future of the start date.

For more on the e-Visa Turkey, see the FAQ on their website www.evisa.gov.tr/en/info/

Before you start have your travel details, credit/debit card and passport details at hand.

  1. Visit the application page at www.evisa.gov.tr/en/
  2. Fill in you details nationality and passport information, complete the security verification field, then click “Save and Continue”
  3. In the left hand box select the date of your entry into turkey, you will then see in the right hand box when the visa will expire.
  4. You should now see a preview of your visa:
  5. The price will be shown in the bottom right box, Click “Save and Continue”.
  6. You will now need to fill in details of the applicant. Then Submit if you have filled in the form correctly you will see successful application message.
  7. You will now be sent a confirmation email with a link to purchase your visa. The email should arrive within in minutes, if not please check your spam box.
  8. Next read through the email and make sure all the details are correct and then click on the Approve link.
  9. You will now be taken to a secure payment screen where you enter your credit or debit card details, after you have done this select, Make Payment. You will then get a message to say payment is successful.
  10. You will then be shown a confirmation page with a download link with your PDF e-visa.
  11. Download and print your e-visa and keep it with all your travel documents. You will need to produce your visa at passport control on arrival.

For more information on the Turkish e-Visa system watch this video

So now all is left to do is count your sleeps till take off and enjoy your holiday.

If you have used the new Turkish e-Visa system please let us now how you found the process.


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11 Responses to “e-Visa Turkey | Holiday visa for Turkey”

  1. 29th May 2013

    Amy Reply

    Do you have to get a visa before you travel or can you still buy it once you arrive? (uk visitor)

    • 29th May 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Hi Amy, no you can still purchase your Visa when you arrive and it is still £10 Sterling 🙂

  2. 29th May 2013

    Amy Reply

    Awesome… I’d rather wait than pay more money 🙂

  3. 9th September 2013

    uz Reply

    Is the e-visa the actual visa or its just a permission subject to the stamp at immigration counter on airport? What do i need to show at airport for entry stamp?

    • 10th September 2013

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Just like any visa, it will have to be stamped at passport control, At passport control you produce the paper print out visa and they will stamp your passport. Make sure to keep the visa for your exit. The purpose is so you do not have to go to purchase a visa stamp on arrival and can head straight to passport control.

  4. 22nd April 2014

    Donna Reply

    Kerry some how i have been charged £55 each for me and my partners visa booked it a few days ago as we fly out on 25th april ,why so much i feel ive been robbed especially as i have travelled turkey over 20 times ,can i do anything about the cost ( evisa. Com ) is who i booked it with ? Please can you help ?

    • 22nd April 2014

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Donna, can I ask did you use this website https://www.evisa.gov.tr? If not then you may have used a fake account and have been frauded, if so contact your credit card company. If not, have you been charged by your credit card for changing from £ into $? Also did you select the correct country at the start of the process, check your visa print out and the last the option if none apply above follow the above link and use the contact us and email them, the charge should not be this amount and the only way to correct it is to contact them direct.

      • 22nd April 2014

        Donna Reply

        Went to bank they said it is in hold to them now ,also the look alike company say if you want a refund give them your bank details um dont think so ! I cant believe ive been had ! Chok teshekular for your help x learn by my mistakes will warn my pals ,where are you based fetihey ?

      • 22nd April 2014

        Donna Reply

        Kerry they are asking for my sort code and bank account number i have an account i dont use at all shall i give them that as they cant take money out thats not there as i dont have an overdraft reply asap lutfen x

        • 22nd April 2014

          Kerry Arslan Reply

          Let your bank deal with it, do not give any details, they can use these to set up all sorts of things in your name. Also look on the UK police website see if they have a fraud dept for online isdues and report the website and also go to the website I gave you the link for and report the website to them. But do not give sny more details, you may need to cancel your card also but speak to your bank they will have a proceedure for this.

  5. 22nd April 2014

    Donna Reply

    Will do hun visa,s are ledgit tho ? Looked at what it looks like online and its the same but ? Thanx kerry xx

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