6 Things I missed from Turkey | What I missed while in the UK

I wondered what I would miss the most from Turkey on our trip to Scotland this summer or if I would miss anything or even Turkey.  I am glad to say I missed Turkey and our home.  Here are my top 6 things I missed while in the UK

1. Cheap, regular and efficient Public Transport.  We used the car a lot more in the UK as it was cheaper to travel by car than by train or bus to wherever we were travelling to.  Also we found if we wanted a bus we always had to wait 20 minutes and always took forever to get to its destination.  The Dolmus and Bus network is certainly a lot cheaper and quicker and you very rarely need to wait.

2. Cheap fresh produce.  Say what you like about having great variety and out of season produce in the UK.  I vote for in season fresh tasty and good value produce any day.  1 Kilo of tomatoes in Turkey would only get you about 1 ½ tomatoes in the UK and they have no flavour.  I much prefer or weekly market where the produce is fresh and in season at a good cost.

3. Tea Houses, Street Food and Lokantas.  Yes its cheap again good value and tasty! It is very difficult to eat cheaply in the UK especially as a family and you always feel they are in a hurry to serve you and get you out.  Its all about the turnover and the food mostly is edible but not tasty.  In Turkey you can get cheap tasty street food or go into a local lokanta and get a full meal for a ¼ of the price in the UK.  You are never rushed and you are always welcome.  I also missed the Tea Houses sitting relaxing and watching the world go by for a few pennies.

4. Child Friendly Everywhere.  I got so sick and tired of going to restaurants or cafes and getting looks from other customers as if to say “Oh No Not a Baby!” Our little guy is great out and chatters away but sometimes he can get a bit loud at times but he is mostly good.  However we felt we had some infection not a child and we weren’t eating in the high establishments just local cafes and restaurants.  Where as in Turkey no one ever bothers and 9 times out of 10 the child will always be fussed over by the waiters and owners.

5. Taking your Shoes off at the Door.  It’s not something I missed but more of a habit I have formed a bit like putting your seatbelt on.  I felt odd not taking my shoes off at the door and felt weird sitting in a house with my shoes on.  Funny how habits are easily formed.

6.  Half price or free entry to Museums and Historical places.  My goodness they know how to charge.  Being my husband’s first time in Scotland I wanted to show him the sights and places.  I was astounded by the price to visit these places.  How are kids meant to learn their history.  In Turkey a citizen or resident can go free or half price into most Museums and Historical places all you need to get is the free Muze card great for families and kids.

Overall I found the UK expensive at every turn and  it was hard to go anywhere on a budget. We bought a Scottish Heritage card to visit various places at £80 for two for the year it made it cheaper overall to visit the various sights.  Food and transport being so costlyI feel sorry for families trying to have a day out on a budget, no wonder so many kids are sat in front of the telly and pcs families just can’t afford to go out.

We had a fantastic trip to Scotland and it was great to see so many of our family and friends again and look forward to our next trip home.

If you are living in Turkey or holiday here, what do you miss when you are back home??

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6 Responses to “6 Things I missed from Turkey | What I missed while in the UK”

  1. 13th September 2012

    Terry (Adventures in Ankara) Reply

    Great post Kerry! I find I miss Turkish tea when I am Stateside. And shoes on carpets now completely gross me out. I’m constantly looking at stains on rugs that no one else can see! About the Muze card, I was denied as a resident, because I am not a citizen. I even tried it online, where they took my money and never issued the card. (Luckily there’s always a way around everything!) Have they changed the rule again recently?

    • 14th September 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      I got a Muze card last time haven’t tried to renew mine again though just used my permit had hubby with me at the time not sure if that helped or not! Will see if I can get another one and let you know how I go.

  2. 13th September 2012

    Turkey's For Life Reply

    Agree with all of those – especially the food and transport ones. Last time we were back in the UK, the transport cost us a fortune and the price certainly didn’t match the experience. Museums and many historical places are free to visit in England (obviously that’s not the case in Scotland) so we notice that here. We find most of the museums and sights of Turkey very expensive for our budget. Mixed stories on the Muze Kart. We know people (non-citizens) who got them online no problem and others who have been refused. Would like to try and get one from somewhere. 🙂

    • 14th September 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      I understand that historical places and various sights need money for up keep etc but the prices were on the silly side of things especially places like Edinburgh Castle they must make a small fortune every year more than enough for the up keep and staff. It would be nice to see these places more accessible.

  3. 13th September 2012

    Yvonne Alpan Reply

    Agree with all you stated and more, I missed so much when I went back for a holiday that after only 2 weeks I was so glad to get back to what I see now as normality. Maybe I have just lost it but found nothing very attractive except for family & friends of course. All far too expensive and not a lot of humanity to be found, cheerfulness seems to have been lost as well, you nearly always ask how someone is here in Turkey and normally it is yes I am fine and you ? well I asked out of habit and how did I regret it. The moaning never stopped, everyone seemed to have some terrible illness ? or was I just unlucky ? I strangely enough the question was never returned. This does not mean I don’t miss things back home I still do but not half as much as I miss things here when I am away from here.

    • 14th September 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Agree with the cheerfulness Yvonne, I always give people a smile and a thank you in shops, if the hold the door etc and they always have a look of surprise on their faces!

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