6 Things I Miss from Home | What do you miss living in Turkey?

One of the most common questions when you move to another country is, What do you miss the most from home?

Living here in Turkey I often get asked this question by friends and family or see it asked on a forums.

Of course without a doubt you miss your family and friends and the security of knowing your surroundings and speaking the language.  But these things also add to the excitement and the fun of living in a another country.

But it’s the little things you miss that sometimes you forget about or you suddenly think about and these are the things you just can’t get here in Turkey.

So here are my top 6 little things I miss

1. Drinking Water straight from the tap.  In Scotland we are lucky that the water that comes out the tap is clean and lovely to drink straight from the tap.  Here in Turkey though it says on the bill water is safe to drink from the tap, it tastes of chemicals and not very pleasant, buying in your water is just not the same.

2. Proper Sausages, I have yet to come across proper slice or links sausages here in Turkey and the Sausages you do get here are horrible processed sausages that have an odd red skin, they taste okish, but don’t come up to scratch to the sausages from our local butcher.

3. Fish and Chips and other takeaways, I love a takeaway at the weekend with a cheeky glass of wine or two, we do have takeaway here but we can only get pizza or Turkish food.  Lovely as they are some nights I would love to have, Chinese or India or a lovely freshly battered fish and chips with a good bottle of beer.  (yes I know in some areas of Turkey do have these restaurants but not in Adapazari!)

4. Cheese, now its an odd complaint, as I do love the cheese here, the white cheese’s and some of the lovely goats cheeses.  But I just can’t seem to get my hands on a good block of cheddar cheese.  There is Eski Cheese (old cheese) and it’s the closest I have found here and it is tasty but I do love it when my Mum brings me a block of proper cheddar!

5. Pastries, I have a sweet tooth no denying that fact and there are cakes and pastries here that make my mouth water, but there are times when I would love a danish for breakfast or crossiant and jam or a very sticky fudge donut.

6. And something that is not food related.  I am big reader I love to read, I can get my fill of books on the internet and I can order books to be sent out.  But I miss the local library free books to read and order and though I really like my ebook reader, nothing beats holding a real book and snuggling down for a good read.

Though I miss these little things, if I didn’t miss them it would mean when I return to the UK for a visit I wouldn’t have anything to indulge myself in, so I love and accept these little things I miss.

Tell me what are the little things you miss the most from home?

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8 Responses to “6 Things I Miss from Home | What do you miss living in Turkey?”

  1. 21st December 2011

    EarthLaughsInFlowers Reply

    Living away from home there are things you always miss, what are the things you miss? http://t.co/gl42kfnu

  2. 22nd December 2011

    Duke Dillard Reply

    Great list. I miss In-N-Out (speaking of non-people things) and understanding everything everyone says.

    • 22nd December 2011

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Thanks for sharing Duke, I do miss being understand full conversations especially when in a group and your trying to follow a couple of them at one time can be very hard work.

  3. 16th January 2012

    Aaron G Myers Reply

    6 Things I Miss from Home | What do you miss living in Turkey? http://t.co/GpnpEOPG

  4. 19th January 2012

    Joy (My Turkish Joys) Reply

    Ahh…I just got my fill of things I missed when I was in the US for the holidays last month.

    Pork, pork, pork – in all its glorious forms! In Istanbul, I can find decent Italian salami and prosciutto, sometimes even real pork bacon at some of the restaurants.

    Pepperoni pizza – one of the first meals I had in NYC when I got off the plane!

    Good beer – Now, I love and drink the Efes here, but I do miss IPAs and pale ales and Bass, Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Lager.

    The convenience of things – I’ve gotten used to knowing where I need to find certain culinary products here and to plan my errands around where I need to go. But it’s so easy to pop into a major grocery store or Whole Foods and find nearly all the exotic ingredients I want in the U.S.

    Yes, besides, family and friends, the things I miss the most relate to food! 😉

    • 19th January 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      I agree about the convenience of things, you can’t just walk into a supermarket here and find what you need. I love finding the alternatives but they dont always work. Have to say very jealous you had pepperoni pizza 🙂

  5. 10th February 2012

    Turkey's For Life Reply

    Well we’ve been fortunate enough to meet a Hungarian girl here whose mum has just been for a visit and left her LOADS of Hungarian pork salami. She came to our house yesterday and gave us a full stick. That’s us sorted for a pork fix for a while.

    Beer choices we miss. We love our Efes but do miss leaning over the bar to point out random beers we want to try. 🙂


    • 13th February 2012

      Kerry Arslan Reply

      Efes for me is lovely in the summer time sipping it on the beach, but it’s not quite the same mid winter. I also miss the variety of affordable wines you get at home. Enjoy your Salami 🙂

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