Do I need a Visa for Turkey? | Visitor Visa for Turkey

Do I need a Visa for Turkey?

Important:  You are now  required to purchase your Visitor Visa for Turkey using the e-Visa system before you Travel.  See Visitor Visa, e-Visa for Turkey article for more details.

If your are planning a holiday to Turkey you will require a Visitors Visa for Turkey. If you are a UK or US citizen and an ordinary passport holder, you simply need to purchase a visa on arrival at the Airport before Passport control, just follow the signs on arrival for Visa, pay your money and a Visa Sticker will be placed in your passport.

At Passport control the Sticker will be checked and stamped.  When you leave Turkey your Sticker will be stamped with your exit date at passport control.

The Visitor Visa costs £10 for UK and $20 for US.

UK Citizens please make sure it is £10 Sterling and not Scottish Pounds or Irish notes as these will not be accepted.  You can also pay 15 Euros.

You must have a blank empty page in your Passport for the Visa Stamp, if your passport does not contain a blank empty page you will be refused entry into Turkey.

The Visitor Visa is valid for 3 months see 90 within 180 day Tourist Visa.

You can not take up any up-paid or paid work, reside or study in Turkey with a Turkish Visitor Visa.

Also check before travelling for any updates on Visa requirements for Turkey.  You can speak to your travel agency, consulate general or visit.

Visa Information for All Nationalities including prices

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