Asking Questions in Turkish

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To ask a question in Turkish we use the question suffix, mi?, mı?, mu?, mü?

The question suffix also follows the vowel harmony rules.


ı, a


i, e


u, o


ü, ö

Some examples of Basic Questions:

Çay var mı? – Is there tea?

Güzel mi? – It is beautiful?

Ben mi? – Me?

İskoçyalı mı? – Is he Scottish?

Turk mu? – Is he Turkish?

Sıcak mı? – is it hot?

Soğuk mu? – is it cold?

In the above examples the question suffix comes at the end.

Araba mı mavi?- Is it the car that’s blue?

Yine mi Soğuk? – Is it cold again?

Izmir’e mi yaşıyorsun? Do you live in Izmir?

In the above examples the question suffix is in the middle rather than the end.

The reason for this is the question word is put directly after the thing/item being questioned.

You will also see the question suffix like this Istiyormusun? – Do you want any?

Look out for the question suffix and try and use it in conversation.

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