Turkish Plural Suffix


Creating a plural in Turkish is very easy, it is as simple as creating a plural in English by adding ‘s’ to the end of a word.

The suffix we use to create a plural is:

-ler or -lar

When using the plural suffix we need to remember the vowel harmony. The last vowel in the stem word determines which plural suffix you will use. Below you see which suffix matches which vowel.

vowels for -lar = a , ı , o, u

vowels for -ler = e , i , ö , ü

Turkish Plural Suffix Exercise

Lets practice creating plural words in Turkish with this exercise, press start quiz to begin:

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2 Responses to “Turkish Plural Suffix”

  1. 11th January 2015

    Lisa Reply

    HI…. just a friendly suggestion for the quizzes… as well as having the Turkish word,it would also be useful to have the English translation. In other words, I’d learn new words as well as the grammar!

  2. 23rd October 2015

    Bob Beer Reply

    And because all Turkish nouns are essentially mass nouns (or “uncountables”), you don’t have to use the plural nearly as much. You say “give me a kilo (of) egg”, “five apple,” just as you’d say “five fish” in English.

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